I have a bottomless box of tissues

Blowing noseI have been self-medicating for two days, trying to get the best of this cold. It’s not working. Today’s plan was to go to work for half a day for some necessary training and then head home and crawl into bed for a long nap. Instead, as per usual, I spent the whole day in the office and left after 5:30. Sometimes I wonder about myself.

One of the things my ENT always told me to do when I had colds or sinus problems was to use Ocean Spray saline solution up my nose several times a day to keep everything moist. So I have bottles of the stuff in the medicine cabinet and at my desk and use it often. Unlike other kinds of sprays, this has no medication in it so it doesn’t mess up your tissues.

I also picked up a package of Zicam this morning, hoping that it will behave as advertised and shorten my cold by a few days. Who knew there were so many variations? – one to dissolve in the mouth, one to chew, one to squirt around your mouth, and another one I already forgot. Maybe more; that’s what was on the shelf at the drug store this morning, helpfully on sale. I got the “dissolve in your mouth” kind and they taste terrible but by noon time, the cold that had been settling in my throat and chest had moved up to just my head. I’m not sure this was an improvement.

I now have gone through a complete box of tissues and am making great inroads in two more. I have them in every room and can’t venture more than a few feet without tissues in my hand because my nose seems to be running like a faucet. Being a connoisseur of tissues, Puffs are the only brand I use because they really ARE softer on my nose. At the rate I’m going, it will be rubbed raw anyway and I need all the help I can get.

My voice is sounding kind of weird and rather frog-like and I can feel the cold moving around between my chest, throat, and head and back again. My one hope is not to develop a sinus infection, something that used to be standard practice for me at least once every winter. So far, so good. The nifty humidifier is doing its best but the air is very dry inside and bitter cold outside and all I want to do is crawl into bed with the toasty flannel sheets and electric blanket, put on the CPAP machine with built in humidifier, and keep a box of Puffs handy just in case they’re needed before morning.

And it’s back on the hamster-wheel to do it all over again tomorrow.