We are family

Tom and AnneMy brother is coming! I’m so excited! It’s been about 12 years since he last came to see me and this will be only his second visit in the 25 years of his marriage. It’s a lot more sensible for me to go to Texas and visit with the whole family than for them to come up and see me, especially since I don’t have room to house everyone even if they could all afford to fly.

But he’s on his way even as I type and I will be heading to the airport later to pick him to spend a quick weekend. Fortunately he loves cold weather, something he doesn’t get a lot of in Houston. Their definition of “cold” is a little different than what a New Englander would consider to be that. We had a few flurries this morning but nothing significant and it will be clear and windy this weekend. This picture was taken of us last summer at the family reunion when it really was hot and sunny – I think we will both wear coats this time.

And I can breathe! My cold is receeding so that I may not have to go around with a box of Puffs surgically attached to my arm all through his visit. You have to admit that it will make it a lot easier to get around. I’m not quite sure quite what we have in mind, but eating something Italian in the North End tomorrow night is definitely on the agenda.

Enjoy your weekends!