Baby, it’s cold outside

Man freezingThis morning when we ventured out to go to church, the temperature was 9 degrees with a windchill of -5. Let me tell you, it was nippy. But yesterday somehow felt worse. Today at least we didn’t have much wind blowing; yesterday my brother and I were wandering around with temperatures about 20 with winds whipping at 30 mph and gusts even higher. Standing on the top deck of the U.S.S. Constitution, on the water with that wind and at that temperature, we froze into little popsicles in no time. The sailors were properly attired but all of the tourists looked as cold as we did. And we didn’t actually last long enough for the tour to start — we retreated to the car and headed for lunch.

I wore weirdo clothes yesterday in an effort to stay warm. My long underwear has gone missing but I knew I didn’t have anything warm enough to withstand being outside for any length of time without freezing to death. So I wore two pairs of pants at the same time, one on the small/close fitting side and the other a bit loose. And I had a silk turtleneck under a bulkier heavy knit turtleneck, thick socks and sturdy shoes. My coat is down-filled with a fur-trimmed hood and I have a Polartec hat and comfort-temp gloves to keep my ears and fingers warm. I looked like a dark version of the Michelin man but I was warm.

I had a wonderful visit with my brother, who relished being in a place with sunshine and cool weather (though he hadn’t expected it to be quite THIS cold) after all the gray and rain of Houston. We did a little sightseeing but not as much as we might have done, had the weather been warmer. Thanks to the warmth of my little car, we did cover a lot of ground to see as much as possible, talking as we went.

Saturday we had lunch in Harvard Square at John Harvard’s Brew House – a very Cambridge thing to do, if not particularly points-friendly. I had a Bleu Burger with fries and a small glass of home-brewed ale, and split an apple crisp. It was all yummy and I only had a small yogurt for dinner to make up. We also went to the movies and saw “Night at the Museum” with Ben Stiller and set in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. It’s not going to win any major prizes but it was fun and it really did make you think about what actually happens with all those museum displays when the lights go out.

Today we started with church, instead of my usual Sunday morning WW meeting. It was weird to be there since I don’t usually go, but at the same time, there was a comfort. Something to think about. We thought about trying to go to the North End to have Italian there before heading to the airport, but parking is such a nightmare when you try to go there and it would mean planning walking (and freezing) so we moved to Plan B – Sunday brunch at The Elephant Walk, a Cambodian-French restaurant that’s one of my favorites – with parking right in front of the door. Yayy! The food was yummy and very different from your average eatery. I’m not sure how to count the food but I recorded it.

All too soon it was time to take my brother off to the airport. I just hate driving there – they have been redesigning and renovating that space since I moved here in 1990. But now that the tunnels have been reopened, I can go from being parked at my house to parked at the airport in 20 minutes, which is amazing. I’ve been tracking his little plane on the airline website, moving its way back to Texas, so thankful for the chance to have this visit and to share my home and my life with my only sibling. Usually we are surrounded by so many other family members and demands on time and attention; this weekend was just for us and it was wonderful.

But now it’s time to get back to my routine. I’m feeling much better but there is still a throat tickle that leads to a nasty cough, and my nose clogs and runs periodically so I need Puffs with me all the time, though not surgically attached to my hand. So that’s an improvement. I’m going to the gym after work tomorrow to do a brief warmup on elliptical and then to work with weights – I have T’ai Chi on Tuesday and standing up for that takes a toll. I missed exercising all last week because I didn’t feel well so I will be careful not to overdo – but my body needs to move!