Random thoughts on my Weight Watchers meeting

Weight Watcher ChickensOn Sunday mornings I go to my Weight Watchers meeting. Every week there is a topic that’s discussed at all meetings around the country, to keep us in synch, and as a Sunday group that meets at 10am, we are among the first to check out the new material.

But sometimes the lesson doesn’t fit with the things the group wants to talk about. Today was one of those days. Our meeting was an hour long and we didn’t once cover the topic of the week, which was Winter Foods. Interesting but not enthralling – especially when people had topics on their minds. Those are always more pressing and more essential to address than a topic picked from a lesson plan book.

Today our leader just put aside the plan and talked about what we wanted to talk about — how to exercise when our schedules are already full and our bodies hurt; whether we can count walking or other things we do in our regular routine, not at a gym, as part of our exercise points; how to get up and keep going when the weight loss is stuck; how often to weigh ourself.

It’s not very surprising that when we “take over the meeting” with our own agenda, there is more active listening and participation.  We all want to help each other over the bumps because we’re not all down at the same time.  And there are lots of lifetime members there who can offer support from the “after” perspective – and show the rest of us that “after and maintaining” is possible.

One thing that someone mentioned that stuck with me was that sometimes we just over-analyze what we’re doing. That instead of turning ourselve inside out trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, maybe we should just DO what we know will work. The WW plan works if you follow it. It may not show up right away but it will work if you stick to it. The energy and focus I often put into analyzing everything could go far if I just turned it towards working the program.

So beginning tomorrow I will use this space to record what I eat as way of public accountability. Not today because I don’t want to be terribly public about today’s food choices – I have problems, as many of us do, on days I get weighed. It was easier to deal with when I was weighed at 5:30 and only had a short time to “go crazy.” Now that I weigh in at 9:30, the whole day stretches out with temptations all around. I try taking things to my WW meeting so I can eat something whole and healthy and try and get off to a good start, but I often derail myself.

But, as Scarlet said at Tara, tomorrow is another day. I think I’ll go plot out my food so I’m prepared.

Oh, and Frances? Today I wore black pants, a black sweater, and a garnet suede jacket with oddly shaped pearls (see Flickr). When I got home from my meeting and shopping, I changed into stretch jeans and a cranberry boucle turtleneck from Coldwater Creek. Now I’m in my bright red robe and fuzzy pink slippers.