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I’m ready for spring now

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Shivering in the coldYou would think that after living in New England for 17 years, I would have figured out that it gets cold in winter. I always get lulled into thinking I won’t freeze to death but it doesn’t work that way; the heater barely starts to work by the time I get to my destination, unless it’s about 30 minutes away. It doesn’t help that we had a balmy early winter and then got hit with Arctic blast after blast – we had no time to get used to it!

I’m ready for spring now. Here in Boston we’re counting the days until the pitchers and catchers report to spring training; the Red Sox are our favorite team and we seek out and destroy Yankees fans who try to slip through our ranks. We don’t care about the Super Bowl really; well, I like the commercials. But since our Pats aren’t playing, I can really live without it.

The big question going to work is, “Will the heat be on?” I work in a not-new building that has a quirky HVAC system and big windows that leak both air and water, though hopefully not at the same time. Everyone else in my department has a space heater to keep warm since they can’t rely on the real heat. But when I try to use one, I manage to blow the fuses up and down the whole side of department, cutting power to five people.

So they stay warm and I stay in limbo, not knowing if I should dress for a cold office or a hot one (temperature swing big time). Makes life confusing. Today started warmer than I expected but ended up cold, especially for my feet. And if my feet are cold, I’m cold all over. It didn’t help that I’d brought a cold lunch. Duhhh …. I am cold so I’ll eat food from the fridge and feel … cold. Tomorrow I’m bringing soup in case my lunch date at Noodle Street falls through.

I had plans to work on a writing project today, preparing talking points for the board to use for presentations this spring. But I got distracted by other projects that were more immediate and ended up staying late to deal with a board-related issue that involved phone calls to places in different time zones. I didn’t leave the office until 7pm and elected to just come home instead of going to the gym. Tomorrow is another day.

I commited yesterday to recording my food here. It looks like a lot but I get a lot of points and I ate my range + 3 flex points – and recorded it in the online tracker, the only way I actually do it regularly.

Breakfast: 1 C. steel-cut oatmeal, 1 TB. brown sugar Splenda, 2 tsp. reduced fat margarine, 1/4 C. fat free milk (5 points total)

Morning snack: 1 medium apple + 1 low fat string cheese (3 points)

Lunch: Lettuce, 1C. black bean/corn salsa, 3 oz. chicken, 1/2 C. roasted vegetables, 1 tomato, 1 TB. blue cheese, 1 TB. craisins, 10 sprays Wishbone Spritz dressing, 1 C. pudding yogurt with raspberries (12.5 calories)

Afternoon snacks: 1 snacksize bag of 94% fat free popcorn, 1 Chocolate Fudge with peanut Butter chips Vitatop (2 point)

Dinner: 1 1/2C. spicy vegetable beef soup, 1 potato roll, 2 Laughing Cow Lite wedges, 1 C. chocolate fudge pudding yogurt (10 points)

Total: 32.5 points

What I wore today: raspberry boucle Coldwater Creek turtleneck sweater (like the one I wore yesterday but a different color), charcoal gray knit pants, black and gray warm socks, black Birkenstock clogs

One thought on “I’m ready for spring now

  1. Your food log sounds so healthy and delicious.

    Laughing cow came out with a container size soft spread (lite – original flavor). It is easier to spread on toast.

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