What a busy day

Meeting Room signThis is a week from hell with meetings every time I turn around. It was like being on a hamster wheel – I keep moving but not accomplishing anything. Yesterday was not good and today I hardly had a minute to myself. I got with a late start, going to the doctor at 9:45. I slept in a little bit and played around on the computer – somehow I couldn’t make myself jump in the shower right away and I knew I had some time to let myself wake up.

In the shower is where I have some of my more creative ideas. The hot water relaxes my muscles and wakes up my thought processes. Today’s brilliant idea was that I had time to roast vegetables before I left for the doctor. The whole process takes an hour, 20 minutes to prep and 40 minutes to roast. While they roasted, I read email and blogs, and finished skimming the paper online. Then I got dressed, remembering I had to look more professional than casual today, with a candidate presentation to attend.

The doctor’s office is moving in March to an office at the hospital and I started out going to the hospital, since I had it on my mind and I start out in the same direction for both. Oops. I’ve seen my doctor for 14 years and love her thoroughness and ability to listen. I told her all about my drippy nose and lingering cold, described symptoms, and we concluded I have a sinus infection. Duh. I had already self-diagnosed that it had devolved into that. But at least I now have an antibiotic, one of the very few I can take.

From there I went for blood work and have to go back tomorrow for one that requires me to go in fasting. EEEEk. I have to go right away so I can start eating and get the routine on schedule. Then I had to wait for the prescription to be filled.

It was almost noon by the time I found a place to park and got in to work. Great start. I wolfed down my spicy vegetable soup, caught up with a few staff and more email, and was upstairs for the candidate’s presentation to the faculty. That was an hour, followed almost immediately by discussions with my own staff about what we’d heard and then by a meeting with department heads. Then MORE discussion with staff I hadn’t seen before.

I had about an hour at the end of the day to get things done but I didn’t come close.

R and I went down to the restaurant on the T but since we lucked out on getting a train as soon as we got to the platform, we arrived with a good 30 min early so naturally we went shopping. We went into a store that we couldn’t never go to for clothes, since they are made for 20 year olds with teeny bodies. But they had fun shoes and earrings, and we each bought a pair – on sale, no less.

Dinner was right next door and we enjoyed a lovely meal at one of our favorite places, three of us from work and the candidate. The menu is delicious to read and everything anyone’s ever had is excellent. I had one piece of bread, and grilled mahi with grilled 1/2 sweet potato, 3 brussels sprouts, and 2 bitty crab cakes. The desserts are mostly chocolate variations – which is fine with me – but they are so rich that I knew one would kill me. I was careful to save up points for the meal and R and I decided going down that we would split a chocolate bread pudding, their signature dessert. It is totally divine but 1/2 was enough. I downed a lot of water all night.

After dinner we took the train back to the library stop and walked to the parking lot. Thankfully the car wasn’t freezing to death and I gave R a ride home. I got in at 9:30 and I’m not ready for bed when I just get home. I’m on my way now, though.

I’ll try to write something more substantial tomorrow. This was just a peak at my day.