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Getting More Beautiful


After a totally crazy week packed with meetings all over the calendar and in multiple buildings, I’m taking a few days off for 5 days in a row for myself. Today was a pampering day.

I started by sleeping in til 8am which is such a luxury – but getting 8 hours of sleep makes such a difference. I made myself go directly to the shower even though I was feeling kind of meh about the whole idead because I know I always feel more awake when I come out clean.

Next step was to make the bed and dry my hair, open the curtains and blinds outside the bedroom, and sit under my natural daylight lamp for 30 minutes. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD) and my doctor told me this week that I should sit under the lamp in the morning to get the light exposure first thing, and it is making a difference to help me wake up and feel less draggy.

I found I wasn’t very hungry all day today, which is a notable change for me. I had to force myself to eat breakfast and brought a long a meal bar and some yogurt for my hair appointment, which is the way I started my day with my “hair guys”. It was time for the works – a hair cut plus coloring my roots and doing highlights and lowlights (giving some of the foil color in a blonde color and some in a lighter brown than my base color). It gives the hair more depth and looks less brassy, but it means spending about 3 hours there havng them do stuff and then waiting while it “cooks” on my head. The pic above is me sitting there with the foil on my head – oh so attractive.

My next stop was the gym. We ran a little long with the hair since I wasn’t sure if we would be doing highlights and that adds to the time, so I ended up not being able to workout. The main purpose was getting an algomask facial. I’ve only ever had 2 facials before and it’s been a long time. OMG, if you haven’t had one, sign up right now, it was amazing. I felt so pampered, resting on the table on a heated pad so the warmth came up to my bones from underneath and on top as well. It was cozy and all I had to do was lay there and feel lotions and heat and mysterious things happen, including lotion massaged into my hands which were then put in plastic bags and placed (not shoved) into heated mitts that forced the moisture deep into the skin. They look fabulous. Maybe I should be a hand model đŸ™‚

My skin looks amazing and feels tighter, not because it’s stressed out but because it’s healthier. The bags under my eyes have evened out and it’s glowing. She even had time to wax my eyebrows, which also improved the look. All I was thinking when I saw them was of the “caterpillar brows” as Carmindy of What Not to Wear described the brows of one of their victims, er, makeovers.

I’m off to bed – I need a lot of sleep so I can head back to the gym tomorrow for a workout and then, ah ecstasy! a massage. And then a mani and pedi – I’m definitely getting in all of the pampering things I can think of at one time. Kind of like a spa but not having to pay to travel or lodging. It feels really good to be taking care of myself.

4 thoughts on “Getting More Beautiful

  1. Wow – your Five Days of Pampering sounds fantastic to me! What a wonderful thing to do with some time off. Enjoy every bit – I really enjoy checking in on your blog, btw. Can’t remember who it was who linked here, but I’m hooked!
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. I have SAD too and I don’t think I could survive without my full spectrum lighting. It makes such a huge difference in me not only in my moods, but in a lessening of winter carb cravings. I hope it works for you, too.

  3. Enjoy your pampering! It sounds so wonderful! Enjoy, enjoy. And be proud of those gorgeous hands!

    I inherited my mother’s hands – very thin skinned (the only place on my body with thin skin) with veins visible, plus lots of scars (battle wounds with kitchen appliances). Both sisters have beautiful, scar-free, non-visible hands – always makes me feel like Cinderella with the two evil step-sisters.

  4. It sounds wonderful and I’m already itching for a spa treatment or two of my own.

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