Better Living Through Chemistry

PillsI was talking to someone yesterday about the medications we’re on and I certainly won the prize for the most. I resorted to those old people’s plastic strip pill boxes with the days of the week on top of each box. And I have a routine of putting the morning pill strip on the bottom as soon as I take them so I can look over and know that I *did* take them. And vice versa for the evening pills. I have middle of the day pills, too, but somehow haven’t gotten my act together to put those in their own little set of pill boxes. I mean, THREE of them is too many.

In the mornings I take calcium, a multivitimin, an allergy pill, an anti-inflammatory for my arthritic knees, my anti-depressant, an antibiotic right now for my sinus infection (lots of “anti” things there, I’m seeing), and every other day I take something for my IBS.

Mid-morning there is a Mega Green T to help curb my appetite (and it helps) with another one mid-afternoon along with another anti-depressant. At dinner time, I get another anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. At night I take something to “consolidate my sleep”; it goes with the sleep apnea. If it’s been a really bad day and my knee is killing me, I take something stronger to help with pain.

I’ve taken a lot of these for a long time, or similar things. I’m very allergic to antibiotics and am grateful my sinus infections have dropped from 8/year down to 1 every other year. Being allergic to dust, mold, every tree in Massachusetts, grass, etc., etc., the allergy meds are year-round.

The pill bottles are white, large and identical. My prescription coverage requires me to send away for 3 months of meds at a time and the bottles are all the same. I mark them up in different colors with the name of the drug in big letters and put them all on a revolving wheel in a kitchen cabinet. Makes it easier to find them and fill up the little pill boxes so I have half a prayer of taking what I need.

I’m getting old.