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Winter road trip

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Note to self – the next time I feel the need take a road trip, wait until the temperature is over 10 degrees. I took a few days off for pampering on Friday and Saturday (which was lovely and I looked and felt very relaxed and beautiful). Sunday I went to my WW meeting and lost 3 lbs (yayyy me!) and then hit the road for a few days away for a little break. When I planned it, I hadn’t expected that it would be the coldest week of the winter all over New England.

Everything is close together up here. When I lived in Texas, we could drive for 700 miles and still be in Texas! Up here in my part of the world now, that many miles could take me all over the region. Instead I just drove 150 miles and cut through three different states en route to New Haven. It was wicked cold outside and the wind was howling – I sometimes had to really concentrate to keep the car in my lane. Maybe if I drove a Ford Truck (which is too tall for me to climb into), I wouldn’t have had any problems.

My hotel in New Haven was very nice and I ended up with a corner room with glass from floor to ceiling on two sides. It was wonderful while the sun was out but when it went down, all of a sudden I realized I was freezing. Not good. I had the clever idea that maybe I should close the drapes, which I did, but it was still freezing everywhere but right in front of the heat vents. Why do builders think it’s a smart idea to put heating vents right at the ceiling level? Even I know that heat rises and the rest of the room will be cold when all the heat goes to the top.

I eventually called the front desk and an engineer came to fix it – ha ha ha. He tried and pushed some things around so the temp went up for a little while, but by morning it had dropped again. When I put my hand next to the glass it almost stuck because it was SO COLD – I think the high that day was 11 degrees. Brrrrrrrr. Clearly I needed to change my plans – this was vacation and wandering around a freezing cold windy city was not my idea of fun.

I did go out to the Yale Center for British Art, which houses the largest and most comprehensive collection of British art outside the UK. Their collection of Turner watercolors alone was worth the visit – I love Turner and hear my freshman art teacher’s voice whenever I see one. But that was enough; I ended up going back to the hotel and just lounged and watched TV and napped, which always feels decadent. I even got room service for dinner, which always lets me know I’m on vacation. The room was still cold so I ended up getting a space heater to at least help.

Today I had to head home and guess what? it was still freezing. I hate it. I headed home along the southern route. I had time to make stops in this direction and my first one was at an outlet mall. Since it was an OUTDOOR outlet mall, and it was a bitterly cold day in February, it was a really stupid idea. Plus it was a small one without any shops with clothes I can fit into. So what did I do? Go shop at Harry and David‘s – the perfect store for a weight watcher. I did pretty well, though. I only bought soup mix packages, peach butter, and some preserves. And a Chocolate Moose Munch bar which was totally unnecessary but totally yummy.

My next stop was longer and colder – a visit to Mystic Seaport, an recreated 19th century seafaring village on the Mystic River, complete with tall ships in the harbor. I’ve been there before and remembered it as having lots of exhibits and demonstrations in different buildings. What I had not quite computed was that the place would be essentially deserted in the winter with most of the buildings closed. I walked briskly to keep warm and to see what I could see and when I didn’t think I could bear it anymore, I ducked into the bake shop to get some water and a cookie.

I then got back in the car and headed home for another 75 miles of straight driving on roads with crazy drivers who couldn’t stay in the lanes or understand speed limits. Some went wayyy too fast and others poked along and were traffic hazards. I saw more police cars out than I’d ever seen on a trip before which had the expected slowing effect on traffic for about 2 miles before speeds crept back up. As we crossed the Massacusetts line, I was struck by how horrible our roads are compared to those in RI and CT – more pot holes, more faded lane markings, generally more deterorated condtions. I was glad to get home and finally out of the car – and get warm.


One thought on “Winter road trip

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!!

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, the Harry and David’s catalog was my favorite thing to read . . . everyday I would drool over those beautiful pears!

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