Daily Inventory for Friday 2/9/07

Woman in BlueMonths ago on the Amazon Blog, Frances talked about doing a daily inventory and sending it at the end of the day to her sponsor. A few of Us have started to do this privately, sharing with each other, and I’m really liking the discipline of it. The questions force me to look beyond food and exercise, to remember and think of positive things going on in my world, an awareness of other people, touching base with being happy as well as being negative. It’s a balance and then letting go when I hit the “send” button.

Here is yesterday’s Daily Inventory entry. It’s too personal much of the time for me to post here on this blog every day, but I like that I am accountable to someone else for completing the inventory – because we agreed to put ourselves in this kind of exchange, not because anyone made me do it. That would have resulted in instant rebellion and probably some serious chocolate.


What did I eat today?

Total points: 30.5 (Points target = 30)

1 C. Steelcut oatmeal + 1 TB craisins + 1 TB brown sugar splenda + 1/4 C. FF milk (3)
2 tsp. reduced calorie margarine (1)

1 1/4 C. Fajita chili (6)
15 Kashi crackers (2)
1 C. pudding yogurt (2)
2 small clementines (.5)

Chocolate peanut butter Vitatop (1)
1 snack bag Pop Secret 94% popcorn (1)

1 C. lettuce (0)
1 tomato (0)
1/2 C. Black bean/corn salad (4)
5 oz. canned chicken (5.5)
1 TB blue cheese (1)
1 TB craisins (1)
Potato roll (2)

What exercise did I have today?
Parked in a parking lot further away than usual so had a longer walk to/from the car (same as yesterday).

What did I do today that I like and respect myself for? (or: How did I behave better than I felt?)
Left work at 5:05 instead of working late.

What did I do for someone else today?
Bought valentines. Helped 2 male students pick out cards for their mothers. Talked to L for almost an hour. Explained serials holdings to the director of another campus library who was totally confused about our practices.

What happened today that I enjoyed and appreciated that had nothing to do with me?
The sunshine. Not being hungry all the time. Seeing the little rectangular swept off areas on the pond near my house that are being used for hockey right in front of the “No Skating” signs.

Where did I have problems today? (or Where did I feel bad or negative today?)
Talking to L for an hour when I really wanted to be by myself to work. The cold. Didn’t go to the gym again. Being jealous of everyone who is on a losing weight roll.

What am I proudest of today?
Remembering to identify libraries to contact about proxy server choices, found contacts and talked to people at four major universities across the country. Cold calls are hard.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how much close interaction did I have with people today? – about a 5. Talked with staff about assorted ongoing projects and problems. Chatted with Raquel. Phone calls to above schools to find and talk to IT people. Chatted with male students at the valentine cards display. Visited online with P today and Jen and Lori tonight.

What made me feel feminine today?
Took a shower and washed my hair. Wore soft raspberry sweater with silly necklace that I like and a Diamonique tennis bracelet. I like how the light reflects off the stones.

What made me feel loved and appreciated today?
Oddly, it was not being interrupted by meetings every 30 minutes. It was a quiet day, time to check in with staff and talk to vendors and colleagues outside of work. It was so nice to talk to people who are names in the field and be officially authorized to call them. The mutual admiration society chat with Jen.

5 thoughts on “Daily Inventory for Friday 2/9/07

  1. vickie

    My mother just came up with something that you might like – she is on her weird medicine diet and now has to count all these things – so she is thinking about food like all of us do – and she realized that stuffed peppers can be made in a very measured way – whether you make with just veggies, or add meat, or rice, or beans – all the parts can be measured as they are assembled. She makes several at a time and freezes them – she cooks in a tiny soup pan on top the stove with duluted tomato sauce – but it could be tomato juice, broth, spaghetti sauce or whatever works for each person.

  2. That is a nice inventory. I like summing up my day too. That is why I now post around 10:00 pm, before bed.

    I like your inventory questions, especially “what am I proudest of today”. Thanks for sharing.

  3. phyllis

    i am so proud of you, Miss Anne… you are awesome and a daily inspiration to me as you learn more and more how to love yourself and how to let food be a part of your life that isn’t overwhelming all the time. i love you… phyllis

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