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Solitary Time


Solitary girlToday was a day to just be alone. I think I only talked with voices to 3 people today but I don’t feel lonely. It’s just been go go go go for too long and last weekend I was getting ready to go away and then travel. Every once in a while I just hole up in the apartment and do inside things, including sleep until I wake up, read for a little while, watch reruns of TV that I’ve already seen.

TLC seemed to have about 4 hours of “Clean Sweep” on and even if I’ve seen it before, I always learn something about decluttering. So feeling inspired, I sat in front of my file cabinet and pulled out about 1/4 of the files that I know can be discarded – tho I need to set up the new shredder before some of it can really be gone.

There are some other decluttering projects that I’m ready to start on – those “thinner clothes” that I’ve boxed up, but I’m not in love with that many of them. They were “interim clothes” in the first place and I’m guessing that if I look at them with a “Clean Sweep” frame of mind, I can bag up more than right now I think is possible. And I have shoes and purses and books to weed out. I’ve lived here almost 3 years and my last major decluttering was done when I was moving. Several of Us have been talking about Flylady and other decluttering in general, and it seems you’ve inspired me πŸ™‚

My one outting today was to Costco, somehow navigating through the crazy parking lot drivers to find a space about a million miles from the door. Inside was like a circus with people busy grabbing stuff off shelves and pushing overflowing carts with giant packages of everything from underwear to multi-packs of toiletpaper to giant slabs of meat.

I have to admit that I eyed their famous American Chocolate Cake, which is enormous and very yummy. I’ve gotten it before for events at work and since we have one coming up this week, it was tempting to pick up one now. But it’s not likely that I could have managed to bring the whole thing in and successfully pushed my cart on past.

I ended up with a very literary cart, mostly books for myself and for my father’s birthday but with a giant bag of sweet onions, 4-rounds of Laughing Cow Cheese Lite, and a big tub of deli salsa. I ran through checkout and came home where it was warm and quiet.

My head is slightly achey and bed is sounding like a good idea, even though I haven’t done much to tire me out. But a quiet day is about being quiet and taking care of myself. Tomorrow I will do more interactive things – starting with my WW meeting at 10am.

Sleep well, all.

3 thoughts on “Solitary Time

  1. Clothes…I love clothes. I have a pile of clothes to donate to our local clothes closet. They “sell” them to clients from the abused women’s shelter or Salvation Army clients for $1 or $2 and they’re always looking for professional clothes for plus sized women.

    Grumpy sent me a bunch of her clothes that she didn’t need (b/c she’s so good!) and going through that was fun.

    I’ll be photographing the shoes for you all to look at before I bring them along. πŸ™‚

  2. glad you got a quiet day to relax. πŸ™‚

  3. Those decluttering shows get me inspired, too. Before I know it I’m away from the TV and throwing junk in a garbage bag!

    I spent Sunday “recharging”, too. We all need that from time to time.

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