Bring on the Flowers

Dozen red rosesTomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’m not too excited about it. It’s the Couples Holiday and the Chocolate Holiday – it can be hard to be single and see the commercials and news articles about finding the perfect present, analyzing chocolate and telling you where to buy what will make her happy (hah! ask me, I can tell you). Jewelry stores dangling diamonds in front of people who can’t afford them and feel pressured to measure up to something external. I like sparkly things as much as the next person, but I’m happy with Diamonique. And I buy that for myself and get what I want.

I try to avoid V-Day chocolate. Mostly it’s the stuff in boxes at CVS, not the really good chocolate from Godiva that’s worth savoring. I’d really rather have flowers and I bought them for myself. The local PBS radio station had a pledge drive that included, for a time, the chance to pledge and get a dozen long-stemmed red roses from a local florist with gorgeous flowers. I supported the station that brings me NPR and also will be getting a big box of flowers tomorrow – at work – with a note reading, “You are So Worth It! – Love, Me.”

Much as I love chocolate, flowers last longer and don’t make my tummy unhappy from the unfamiliar richness. What are you doing for yourself for Valentine’s Day? How will you feel if someone brings you chocolate? What will you do if you see boxes of it sitting around – or worse yet, lurking for you on the leftover shelf at 50% off on Thursday?