Splashing through the Slush

I was snuggled into my warm bed early this morning when the clock went off earlier than usual – and I opened one eye and remembered, “oh yeah, check for snow.” After listening to the weather reports last night, I had visions of shoveling and scraping before jumping into the shower.

But there was only a little bit of snow that didn’t look like much. Goodie goodie. Until I turned on the news and found out the “snow storm” was turning into a “wind and sleet” storm. Not good. I’d rather have snow any day, not that I want snow either.

So bundled up like Nanook of the North, with my freshly washed hair squashed into my red polartec hat and wearing sturdy coat, gloves, and duck shoes to splash through the water, and grabbing a bag with lunch and breakfast – and a camera – I headed outside at 7:00. This is way early for me; I am so not a morning person. I brushed off the snow (not much) and headed out to work.

The roads had mostly been plowed but there were slippery spots and two-way driving on some of the narrow side roads proved difficult – especially since school buses are a lot wider than my little car. I tried to leave plenty of room between me and the cars around me but Boston drivers aren’t so willing to do that. It can be unnerving.

I got to work early enough to park in an underground lot so I wouldn’t be iced in and spent the day in meetings and getting ready for a staff party (yes, another one – we party a lot), distracted by the sleet against the glass and the leaking windows in my office. I now have a bright red plastic tablecloth protecting some of the furniture (see background of picture).

My roses came in a box via UPS, deep red and long stemmed and gorgeous, each in their little plastic thingie with water in it. I am so glad I got them for myself! I managed to avoid most of the extra food around except for 3 Lindt truffles that I brought to the IT meeting as a bribe. I’m not too proud to eat them myself.

At the end of the day on the way home, two wild turkeys crossed my path, forcing me to stop so they could cross the road. They were butt ugly and took their own sweet time, stopping in the middle of the street to sort of glare at me.

The parking lots at our complex still had not been plowed by the time I got home, so I dragged out the shovel and started in on my space. It was a mess – heavy, wet, drippy, and cold shoveling for 45 minutes (earning activity points, though). It was a fruitless quest, really, since the space filled up with water almost as fast as I shoveled the slush. Distractions built as my clothes got soaked – hat, coat, gloves, feet squishing in icy water inside my duck shoes, soggy pants. My hair was wet, legs frozen, and I couldn’t feel my toes. It wasn’t pretty or comfortable.

My body is starting to remind me that I used muscles that haven’t been working much lately. I hope I can move in the morning, and that my sore knees still work!