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Paying the Price for Shoveling


Shoveling penguinAs I went to bed last night, my shoulder, side, and knees were beginning to be stiff from shoveling all the heavy wet slush/sleet/snow from the storm. My soaked clothes hung up in the bathroom, trying to dry out, making a little forest of wet fabric. The wet stuff outside had already solidified into interesting shapes of thick ice and the news reporters were busy telling us of the dangers of being outside. Not that I planned to GO outside at 10pm in a winter storm.

When I woke up this morning, I could hardly move. Sleeping soundly and waking up in the same position in which I fell asleep convinced my muscles to stiffen up and my right knee didn’t want to bend much. It’s still not back to normal after the August surgery and gets unhappy with cold or wet weather. That would be now.

Looking out the window I could see the ice sparkling across every surface within sight. Cars were having difficulty getting out of the parking lot and the way to my car resembled a skating rink instead of a cleared sidewalk. This did not bode well given the gimpy knee, I decided to just stay home with ice on it (how ironic was THAT?) and not risk falling and smashing it again. Once I’m on the ground, I have trouble getting up even without ice; today was not a day to push my luck.

So it was a quiet day. I did some email, watched TV and paid bills, with my leg up and ice on and off, and I followed stories of the horrible roads and sidewalks that people in Boston encountered today making their way amid thick ice on unshoveled or untreated surfaces. Our parking lot still looks scary but I will be out on it tomorrow, very very slowly wending my way to the car which is sitting on a 3″ slab of ice that filled up my hard-shoveled parking space. So much for all that work!

3 thoughts on “Paying the Price for Shoveling

  1. I remember “ice skating” down Commonwealth Avenue trying to get to classes (at Emerson, when they were still on Beacon Street). Boston can be one hazardous city in the winter. I’m glad you stayed home and took care of your knee. No point in making it worse.

  2. If it’s that bad in Boston, I’m glad you did stay home. I’d hate to think of what you could have done to yourself on the ice with an already sore body. Someone was telling me how they almost fell because they were carrying their back pack differently and lost their balance.

    Besides, you need a day off from your crazy job. I love your photos of your roses!

  3. Here’s hoping for a thaw. I had a couple of really hard falls this weekend in the ice and I’m glad you didn’t risk it.

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