Day of doing nothing

Sleepy womanI did practically nothing today and it was wonderful. Saturday is the only day I can sleep in and often not get on my usual hamster wheel of activity. Sunday is out because I go to a WW meeting first thing in the morning, which means having to be presentable and getting myself there instead of snuggling into the flannel sheets and just dozing.

Today I slept until I woke up at about 8am, giving me about 9 hours of sleep. Since on an average night I only get 6 1/2 hours and on days like today I get way more, clearly I should be listening to my body and going to bed earlier during the rest of the week. I managed to hop right into the shower, something I always do on work days but sometimes like to dawdle about on weekends – that’s where I wake up.

Breakfast was Kashi Vive cereal with FF milk and a banana. I piddled around in the morning watching several “Clean Sweep” episodes and rereading an old favorite book that I found while I was decluttering a bit. Isn’t it amazing how some books you can read over and over even though you know all the characters and plot turns? I just lounged in the recliner with a bottle of water and the book with sunshine spilling in the windows – and nothing I had to do.

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine meal because I couldn’t handle the idea of another salad. And it was enough. And I finally got my act together to get dressed (yes, I was a lazy bum this morning) and off to the grocery store with my scribbled list.

I really sort of like the grocery store, especially when I have a list so I’m not just guessing what I want and then getting home to discover I’m missing a key ingredient for a new recipe. I’m trying two of them this week and needed to get my stuff. Since I have been very undisciplined about the gym, I walked up and down all the aisles twice to get some exercise – and partly because I had senior moments about where the things were that I was looking for.

Fiber One barsOne part of this trip was a quest to find the new Fiber One Chewy Bars that everyone is raving about. People in my WW meeting have talked about them and Hungry Girl just sent out a rave review this week. She even said the Oats & Chocolate one was better than Snickers! That was hard to believe since, seriously, nothing is better. But you know what? When I had one, I understood. It was chewy and rich tasting and very satisfying and I heartily recommend them. And they are only 2 points each!

I also got lots of veggies, yogurt, tomatoes, potato rolls (yum), some frozen pizzas, fizzy water, and a bunch of different things that should carry me through the next week.  I’m also cleaning out my freezer so I have plenty of protein on hand to work with.  But tomorrow’s dinner is a new (for me) recipe for making rotisserie chicken in the crockpot.  With potatoes.  I’ll try it out and if it works well, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

But the rest of the day was also quiet and non-productive but nonetheless restorative.  Sometimes we have to just let the mind and body lay fallow for a day or two to be quiet and heal.  I just know that tomorrow I will have more energy for not having done much today.  There are some major things on the list to do, some of them postponed from today, but I’m not worried.  They’ll get done.

It was a good day.

One thought on “Day of doing nothing

  1. If you like peanut butter, the Fiber One peanut butter and oat bars are fantastic. They really satisfy myPB cravings.

    Good for you for having a “lazy bum” day. I don’t get many, and I’m glad you got one.

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