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PB2 powdered peanut butterI’ve gotten many comments and questions about PB2, the powdered peanuts recommended by Hungry Girl. Yesterday I got a comment from Bill at Bell Plantation with more information about ways to use this powdery goodness. I’m copying here so it doesn’t get lost:

First I want to say that I am responsible for Sales and Marketing at Bell Plantation. I did a Google search on our PB2 and found your form. So I have been up front about who I am. We sent our samples to Lisa Lillian w/ Hungry Girl.com and she liked our product and put it on her web site on January 24. Since then the response has been incredible.

Here are the nutritional facts : Reg PB has between 190-200 calories per serving, PB2 has 54. Reg PB has between 140-150 fat calories per serving, PB2 has 25. PB2 is all natural. There are no additives. You need to mix it as you use it.

You mix 2TBS of PB2 w/ 1 TBS of the liquid of your choice. Water will reconstitute it to the consistency of regular PB. You adjust the formula to your taste. JC’s granddaughter likes it w/ grape juice. Try it with your favorite liquid. I know someone that mixes it w/jalapeno juice. Talk about a kick.

I have heard of people mixing it w/ Nesquick and milk to get a Reeses PB cup type drink. It goes great in smoothies. Great protein. My wife bakes w/ PB2. I will be glad to answer any of your questions. Just e-mail me at bkeith@bellplantation.com. If you are outside of the Tifton, GA area at this time you will need to order yours at www.bellplantation.com. Hope to be in a store near you soon.

Let me know how you like it, so for the comments we have received back are very positive.

It took me a while to get my jars because of the flood of orders that came in after Hungry Girl recommended this products. But they did come and I love the stuff. I’m not tempted to just stick my finger in the jar which happened quite frequently with my regular PB in a jar. I haven’t tried anything fancy yet, tho it would be great in smoothies and I may try that out this afternoon. (Now that it’s not bitter cold, a smoothie sounds better than it did even 2 weeks ago.)

HG didn’t lie about this one. It doesn’t have quite the consistency of the fatty PB but it has wonderful taste. I actually mix in a little bit more water than called for to get it the consistency I want and here’s the beauty of it: you can do whatever you want!

You do need to place a minimum order of 4 jars so up front it might be more expensive than you’d planned. But then you have it and don’t have to fret about where to get more, since you can’t run down to the local grocery store and pick it up. I think it’s definitely worth it!

8 thoughts on “PB2 follow up

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  2. Anne,
    I have been enjoying your site! I wish you the best with your program. I also wanted to check in with you – are you still using PB2? Can you please email me? Hope you have a blessed day. Thank you very much.

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  4. Amber

    I just found this in my local Hy-Vee store, and I am also here to say it is wonderful. You will not be sorry if you try it! I was extremly skeptical at first… but it is all natural and tastes GREAT, so no worries… compare the 54 calories in 2tbsp to the 180 calories found in other peanut butter… it’s well worth trying!

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