Break out the bubbly

Champagne bottleIt’s time to celebrate! Fizzy water will do if you don’t have any champagne handy – or choose not to drink it.

The reason for the celebration? I accepted a new job! yes, that’s right – after 17 years working here at Big Urban University, I’m moving south a few states to work at Smaller Elite University later this spring.

It’s a big change for me, stepping down from a senior administrative position to manage a smaller unit, but this is a quality of life decision. I’ll be working with people I already know, like and respect from years of interaction at the national and regional levels. The library is well funded, always a nice thing when you’re building research collections.

And I’ll be moving from large Boston to a smaller community. I’ve never been a big city person, other than vacations to places like NYC, and I’ve been getting antsy to change that, too. I’ve happily lived in small college towns and small cities and am looking forward to going back to that again.

I don’t know when I start this new adventure – we’re still working out the start date – but sometime late May or early June. I’m a senior level manager now and need to give appropriate notice as well as complete some traveling to fulfill national responsibilities. Makes me sound important to say that but I still have 4 trips before the end of April, plus a vacation trip to NYC with friends.

So – I’ll get back to serious weight discussions soon but today I’ve just been telling people my news and letting it sink in. Woooohoooo!