Seeing how far I’ve come

Surreal glassesI’ve been maintaining an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my weight since I joined WW in July 2002. Oh sure, I use the little white things that WW gives out, but they are only good for 16 weeks and, let’s face it, when you do this for 5 years, you need another way to see long-term trends and progress. It’s easy to get bogged down in seeing a plateau or lack of progress if you only see a few weeks at a time. It’s the long-term picture that really matters.

When I recorded today’s weigh-in results on my chart today (2.8 lbs), I realized that I now weigh exactly what I did on July 31, 2006. In the interim 8 months, I added 14 pounds and took them off again, which is a miracle considering what I would have done in the past. No wait, it’s not a miracle, it’s the result of hard work.

This process isn’t going fast but it is moving when I take the time to really look. I’m more happy with the things I’ve learned than the number on the scale, though, and it feels good.

I have small weight goals, doable but significant, to get me to 70 lbs gone and into the next “decade” on the scale. And I have an idea where I’d like to be when I start my new job. They are realistic goals, much as I’d like to wave a wand and suddenly fit into those clothes hanging in the closet. I will appreciate that more if I work hard to earn it.