Playing Friday Catch-up

Easter ToysHave you missed me? I have been working flat out this week on transitioning my job to other staff members to ensure that things go smoothly after I leave in June. Yes, I know this is a long lame-duck period but it allows me to complete the fiscal year and do as much of the work possible on a major software upgrade that I’ve been monitoring and planning for a year.

But in the meantime, it’s a lot of extra work. It’s always much easier to DO a task than to show someone else how to do it. One of my biggest responsibilities is knowing what information is available where, being able to pick up threads from different areas and weaving them together to get a complete picture of a problem and possible solutions. This isn’t something learned in a week.

All the staff will work together and I’m confident that the important things will get done, though it will take more time and there will be false moves. It comes with the territory in learning new skills; I’ll be doing that myself in my new job.

In the meantime, I found this week that I got very little actually accomplished, or at least little that I can quantify or point to now. What I did do was spend lots of time with individual staff who will be taking over different responsibilities, sitting with them so they can see how I do this stuff. I’ll have to write it up, or at least the general outlines, but these initial “show and tell” sessions take time.

I also spent a chunk of time with management staff going over a chart of “who does what.” I could read it once; now it’s covered with purple notes with names, additional things to resolve, questions and problems. Frankly, looking at the list, I do a lot more than I thought I did.

One person has already said that in some ways, there was a wish that I was leaving sooner so they could just get on with it, and I know I sort of feel the same way. This lame-duck period is good but it’s long.

I’ve been transitioning in other ways, looking for housing and planning a trip down to find somewhere to live in between the 4 trips I have in the next 6 weeks. And I’m seeing every doctor I have for updates and final checks, except the GI guy since I’m not due for a colonoscopy for another 2 years and I don’t want to give him any ideas 🙂

Billboard for Fenway’s Opening Day 2007Food? Um, yes, I’m eating it. Actually, I’m sticking within my target points + max of 5 flex points almost every day and I’ve had some rather creative meals to make that happen. While I’ve been good at tracking things each day, I’ve gotten away from the discipline of planning it in advance. This is Not a Good Thing, but it is showing me that I can roll with torqued schedules and what’s available and not go wild. With all the travels coming up, this is good to know.

In happy news, it’s Baseball Season! Yayyy! Yesterday pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka (aka Dice-K) was smashing in his first outing with the Red Sox and we’re anticipating next week’s Opening Day at Fenway with great enthusiasm. Note the billboard in this photo, designed to look like the famous Fenway scoreboard. We love our traditions in Boston and the Sox are much beloved.