Am I coming or going?

American Airlines Terminal, O’Hare AirportI’m not entirely sure where I am today, what with all the coming and going I’ve been doing. Last week at this time I flew down to Louisiana for a meeting, came home on Saturday, rested Sunday, and headed off again by car on Monday, this time to find an apartment.

I haven’t done an apartment hunt out of state in 17 years and it’s harder than I thought, the running around and looking at things that don’t begin to meet my needs even though they are lovely in some ways. Some of them, anyway. Thanks to the web I’ve been researching on Craigslist and through apartment-finder websites to get an idea of the area and what prices and areas look like.

In person they look a lot different.

I spent 2 1/2 days running from place to place and before I left, I did sign the papers for an apartment in a complex about 9 miles from work. It met every one of my “wish list criteria” and is modern, clean, and up to date – and even has a washer and dryer in my unit. Yayyyy! First time I’ve had that in 20 years. It’s also on the first floor which my poor knees will appreciate when I come home loaded down with groceries. I’m even getting a parking space in a carport so hopefully there will be less snow shoveling next year.

Ice Cream SundaeEating has been out of whack all week. When I travel, by plane or by car, I reach for food. I want salty more than sweet and I also want quantity. Liquids of any type were on hold a bit because I wasn’t sure when I’d find a restroom. Meals came at odd times – mid morning breakfast at McDonald’s and mid-afternoon lunch/dinner that included some kind of protein and then a small ice cream sundae. With real ice cream and hot fudge. I can’t do that anymore because both days I ended up with heartburn from the richness.

Theoretically I know how to stop it, and we even talked about snacking at WW this week so I should be prepared. But put me in an airport, tired from waking up at 3:30am and on edge with a work trip, and I go in search of carbs and salt. It makes me mad that I can’t bring yogurt and water through security, since they charge an arm and a leg for it once you get through the lines and the scanners.

Tomorrow morning I’m on the road again, or rather in the air, this time to Chicago. It’s another flight that requires waking up at the ridiculous time of 3:30am to get ready and off to the airport with plenty of time. I am not a morning person and I need enough time to wake up here before I head out or I leave things behind and make no sense. I come home on Monday, saving $700 off the cost of a Sunday return (airline pricing makes no sense).

I’m tired and really would rather just have a few days to do nothing – this IS vacation time, all of it, including working last weekend at one meeting and this weekend at another. I’m not very happy that I’m using vacation for work purposes but it is what it is, and I come back from Chicago and go right to work – completely unrested with a full week of questions and problems to resolve.

Two months from now I will be unpacking in my new place, another state away.