Keeping clothes that are too small

Clothes Shopping - no, this isn’t meMy closet has a life of its own. There are clothes in my current size for different seasons, and clothes in two sizes smaller than where I am now, also for different seasons. I’ve gotten rid of all of my bigger clothes; this is as big as I intend do get.

I’m getting ready to move soon and have started weeding through everything in the house, putting items in “keep”, “toss” or “donate” piles as appropriate for condition and what they actually are. So far I’ve taken out multiple bags of clothes to donate to charity, mostly things I don’t like and am not/will not wear regardless of whether they fit.

I still have clothes out the wazoo, which I hadn’t expected. I truly thought I’d done a better job when I put them away in the first place of weeding stuff, but there is still a lot of it.

I’m confused and a bit overwhelmed. Some of those sweaters and tops and dresses are things I really like and think I would wear when my body cooperates to put me in that size again. But is it realistic to keep everything? It’s hard to know which clothes go with which size and I might really want to just go shopping for new things. At the rate I’m going, it could take a while.

Keeping the current size clothes is necessary or I’d walk around naked (or stay home that way). Not a happy thought. What do I keep of the smaller sizes? Only keep one size smaller than now and get rid of the rest? Get rid of all of it and buy things again as I get smaller?

I don’t want to pack up and move things that aren’t practical. What do you think? I could use your advice.