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Getting to goal and then staying there

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Wise owlWords of wisdom from my friend Arlene, who is a WeightWatchers leader:

There is a lot involved in making a good marriage work, and many of possess those same skills and strategies. Below is a list of strategies to “Think Thin and Get to Your Goal for Good.”

1. Give yourself 10 good reasons – You know how when you are entering a major life’s decision it’s always best to compose a pro’s and con’s list. Same idea with losing weight and keeping it off forever. List 10 things that are driving your desire to lose weight on an index card. If there are any con’s list them too, chances are the pros will be more powerful to you when you are having a dip in motivation.

2. Commit with a capital C – Remember the bacon and egg story? The chicken is interested but the hog is committed, he is the one that sacrifices his life for your bacon and egg breakfast. How can you reinforce that you are in this for life?

3. Train your brain to be flexible – The On and again off again, Yo-Yo thing has gotten us nowhere. How many times are we going to lose the same 10 pounds? Stop the insanity now. Make a pact with yourself, that you will do the very best you can each day, knowing that some days won’t be as good as others, but you are still moving forward. There will always be detours and bumps in the road, we don’t have to make them major road blocks.

4. Friend-proof your program – learn to deal with the saboteurs, whether it be grandma, mom and dad, or co-workers. A simple, I’m going to wait awhile, when offered more food, will suffice to convince people you will eventually eat and hopefully, they will leave you alone. A simple No Thank-you (end of conversation) will help too.

5. Stop the BLT syndrome – A handful of chips here, a few jelly beans there, free cheese samples at the grocery store can add up to hundreds of calories. Tell yourself, I don’t eat food just because it’s there.

6. Ask for help when you need it – Support from others can help. Decide what you want from family and friends and then ask them for it. Be specific, “It would help me if you _______” Also tell them what you don’t want to hear, “Is that on your diet?

7. Practice the Never-Miss-A-Meal habit – skipping meals can derail your efforts. You feel famished, sluggish and deprived. Pay attention to how energized you feel when you’re not struggling with hunger, fatigue and food cravings.

8. Resign from the clean your plate club – To break yourself of this habit, leave a bite or two on your plate and notice how you feel emotionally and physically. If you are truly hungry after pausing a few minutes, then have the bite. If not, then tell yourself eating food that you don’t need is just as much of a waste as throwing it away and the latter is better for your body.

9. Fake it till you make it – You don’t have to wait until you have the body of your dreams to feel good about yourself or buy flattering clothes. Each morning when you get dressed, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I look great! When you act as if managing your weight is a snap, you’ll be amazed at how easy sticking to your plan will actually be.

10. Eat with awareness – Be conscious of any distractions while you are eating. Focus on the food, how much and the taste and texture, not the TV, or the noise outside. Chew your food and eat slowly and you’ll enjoy the meal more.

11. Go ahead, have your favorite foods – Just practice downsizing your favorites, decide how often you will have them and then enjoy a smaller portion of your favorite treat. If you treat yourself regularly, you won’t feel like you are missing anything.

12. Don’t love it, toss it – If what you’re eating isn’t 101% satisfying, resist the urge to try it again. Like the rolls in the breadbasket. They look good and to me if they are hot, there is nothing better. But say you tried a bite and it was cold and hard, don’t eat anymore.

13. Recharge your motivation battery – We don’t always feel like cooking a healthy meal, exercising today but think of it this way, you don’t always feel like going to work, changing a dirty diaper or doing any other unpleasant task, but you do them because it’s necessary. If you need more convincing refer to the list you made in tip number 1.

14. Try the 10 minute solution – Feel like you don’t have time to exercise today? Everybody has 10 minutes, maybe you can do two or three 10 minute sessions that still equals 20 – 30 minutes for the day.

15. Do a Slip-up postmortem – analyze why you ate what you did. So you just ate six cookies, why? Stop beating yourself up and figure out what was the intention behind your behavior.

16. Move to melt your stress – If you always buy a bag of M&M’s or a candy bar when you are crazed at work, first do something active to relieve the stress. If the craving is still there chew some gum to keep your mouth busy and satisfy your desire for something sweet, even drinking a glass of water can help.

17. Avoid Boredom – to avoid boredom sometimes you have to shake things up a bit. Eat something new and different, try a new activity, register for a cooking or dance class.

18. When you hit a brick wall – If your clothes feel looser, then it’s just that the scale isn’t budging. If you are doing everything you can to lose weight and still not making progress, then pat yourself on the back for having lost weight and keeping it off thus far and then make some subtle changes and you’ll eventually move forward.

19. Achieving your ideal weight – If you are already eating healthy and exercising sufficiently, your body may have already reached it’s ideal weight whether it’s the number you had hope for or not. So accept that you could be already there and be happy that you are eating healthy and nurture yourself to continue those lifelong habits.

What do you need to do this week to move you closer to your goal? Can you? Will you?

Remember, Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin and Healthy Feels!

Be happy, be proud.

One thought on “Getting to goal and then staying there

  1. I’m trying that Beck Diet plan to see if it can give me an extra push towards goal. It helped me to stay on points last night because I thought of “no choice!” — not giving myself the option to eat more than the points I had.

    It has a lot of good behavioral strategies that you use with whatever plan you want.

    I’m determined to make goal in the next 12 weeks — I’m tired of paying for WW!

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