What I’m eating and not eating now

Eating donutsI came back from my conference tired and with a sore, scratchy throat. For the last two days I sounded like a frog and had no energy to do much beyond watching old movies on Lifetime.

I did go to my WW meeting Sunday morning, just to weigh in. After two weeks away, I wanted to get back to the routine and discipline of stepping on the scale, getting the number recorded, and moving on. I gained 0.6 lbs after eating out in restaurants 3 meals a day for 10 days, so I’m not bothered at all. The weekly weigh in let me touch base with my roots and I really did head out with a clean slate.

Yesterday I ate a lot of potato rolls. Martin’s potato rolls come in an 8-pack that look like yellow hamburger buns and are yummy; the flavor is very rich and satisfying and I can usually content myself with one to make a small sandwich or eat as bread with a meal. Or a snack. Really, any time is good for a potato roll. But mostly I can restrain myself. Yesterday was another story. I looked at my food log and saw “potato roll” listed with every meal and a snack, which is a little bit of overkill.

Those nifty 100-calorie packs that are showing up everywhere with teeny tiny tastes of things I used to eat whole packages of – just make me want to eat the whole box of the little bitty ones, too. These clearly are not good “have on hand for a snack” foods for me. I just don’t get enough satisfaction from one little bag so feel I need to eat more.

This isn’t healthy, so I’m not doing it. The Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream bars? Forgettaboutit. Tried it and failed. Even the WW Toffee ice cream bars don’t work – a serving is 2-3 and at 3 points each, it’s a waste. I can manage having Skinny Cows or Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars, and can eat one of those and stop. Most of the time.

Those pre-packaged snacks are really just reminders of things I used to eat, not things that I find particularly satisfying now.  I’m not totally convinced that an apple will taste better than a bag of Fig Newtons, but I understand that I don’t like the way I feel when I eat the cookies.  Pavlov would be pleased that I learned something in the last 5 years.

I guess my biggest pre-processed snacky thing right now are the Fiber One Peanut Butter bars (3 points). LOVE them, though I can’t eat more than one at a time because there is so much fiber that I’m full and don’t want more. Unless I’m stuck on an airplane, when I will eat anything within my reach not nailed down. Something weird happens to me when they close the door and I’m stuck inside.

The smartest thing I did this weekend after going to WW was to hit the grocery store and replenish the fridge with the healthy things that are the staples of my normal life food plan: fat free plain yogurt + cheesecake pudding with strawberries (aka Pudding Yogurt), cans of black beans and corn with avocado, tomatoes and salsa for my salads; peppers, Vidalia onions, grape tomatoes and mushrooms to roast and eat with everything; broccoli to steam; fizzy water; ground turkey to add to Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice for several meals. Egg Beaters and Kashi Go-Lean blueberry waffles for breakfast. Fresh cherries and bananas.

And potato rolls.

3 thoughts on “What I’m eating and not eating now

  1. Lori

    Can I come over to your house for dinner? 😉

    I love Zatarain’s too. I’ll probably go out and roast some vegetables tonight — I went to the store over the weekend but failed to roast my stuff.

    I got cherries too — $11/lb. and so I’d better eat them. (I gave some to my mother.)

    I really think you did great with the weigh-in; all of that travel and conference food/dinners out. That’s pretty awesome actually.

    You’re really doing a great job with your food and taking care of yourself. Brava, Anne!

  2. Phyl

    Hi Anne,

    Just dropped by to see you and you hit me where I live. I cannot travel without gaining something. 0.6 is one heck of a victory and good for you!

    The other thing I thought I’d comment on is those 100 calorie things. I’ve learned I would rather just do without. Those snack packs are not very satisfying (not to mention expensive) and there are plenty of other foods that are satisfying and do a much better job of filling me up. The only exception to that is the 100 calorie Smart Pop microwave popcorn. 1 point and I eat one a day–love those puppies.

    Meanwhile there’s so much stuff I simply don’t eat anymore or eat very little of. Meat and cheese in particular. And chocolate. I miss chocolate. I’d rather say no than deal with the consequences. If you’d told me 2 years ago that would be the case I’d have laughed in your face.

    But my 50th b-day is in 4 weeks. We’re going out to my favorite Mexican restaurant. No veggie fajita this time out. Nope, the biggest stuffed burrito on the menu .

    Wish I could’ve been in Denver. Won’t be in N.O. this summer either–family thing.

  3. Sounds like you took charge of what you saw as problems with what you were doing and stocked up on staples that will help you succeed. Good job!

    I can’t do the 100-cal packs, wish I could. I have certain go-to snacks that I know I can eat without going crazy (tortilla chips and hummus, the infamous popcorn) and I try to stick to those.

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