Counting down the days

View from new apartmentMoving Day is two weeks from tomorrow and I’m starting to get both overwhelmed and nervous about all the things on my “to do” list, as well as the ones that I’m afraid I didn’t remember to list in the first place. I’m not new to moving and know pretty much what all needs to happen but it’s been 17 years since I did an out of state move – which also is a job change as well.

It’s hard to uproot so much at the same time on my own. At least this time I know some of the people in my new area, unlike my moves to Virginia and Boston when I didn’t know anyone in the whole state. Moving alone means a chance to reinvent myself without baggage of people who know all the details of my daily life in the old place.

But it also is lonely because no one who shares my history, my past, will be there. No one will know what I mean when I mention favorite local people and places, or laugh or get teary about events in my past, not theirs. I was in Red Sox Nation when we won the World Series and lived in the city where the planes left on 9/11. Weddings and funerals, babies and birthdays, goofy times and singing with friends. It’s all with me but there will be no one at the other end of this move who will be able to share it.

It’s not that there won’t be a new life to nurture when my roots are replanted. Of course there will. It takes time to build and one thing that worries me is a pattern of turning to food to fill the holes. I’ve turned down other opportunities to consider relocating in part because of that. It needs to be different this time.

There’s a Weight Watchers Center a few miles from my new place and I’ve already ID’d a few possible times for my new meeting. I’ve looked up local churches and plan to go to one the first Sunday I’m there with others to follow until I find a good fit. I’m a choir person and that’s the strongest community I’ve ever been part of – and choir people know and welcome their own. The new complex has a small fitness center which may or may not meet my exercise needs, so I will be exploring gyms as well, though that has to wait until I see what’s available through the university.

It will take time to settle into my new life. First I have to finish packing up and moving this one. Time to get busy; there’s packing to do.