Trinity Church tower in the fogThe streets of the Back Bay were quiet this morning as I walked down Newbury Street. It was too early for shoppers, too raw and chilly for coffee drinkers to be festive and chatty outside of Starbucks. The air was heavy and damp with layers of fog hiding the top of the Pru, making it look sawed off and chunky.

This was probably the last time I’d take this walk, at least as a resident, and I was glad to have the private time. Normally Newbury Street is bustling and crowded, with crazy drivers slowly snaking down the street past double-parked cars in front of high-priced stores. Today though was for the locals and not tourists and it was a balm for my crazied spirit.

It’s starting to hit me that I’m really leaving here, not just moving to something new. I have goodbyes to say to places as well as people. Today was the Back Bay and Copley Square, an area where I’ve spent a lot of time. Tomorrow is about WW, packing and cleaning. But next weekend I want to be able to just drive around and soak it in. If the weather’s good, maybe I’ll walk some of the Freedom Trail. I wish you blogging friends were here so I could share it with you.