Endings and beginnings

Freedom TrailYesterday was my last day of work at Big Urban University. I’ve had the longest lame-duck period in history and was ready to get to this point; no matter how much time there is, there’s always more that can be done to tweak files, contact people, make adjustments, train, yada yada yada. At some point it just has to end and yesterday was it.

The whole week was full of goodbyes and food and closure, spreading out the long farewell into five days instead of just one. That was actually a really good thing, since I had time to actually say goodbye to people individually and in private and not just in one big mega-event, though we had one of those, too.

We’re known for our parties and my going away party was a very festive event, made more so for me because for a change I wasn’t planning, setting up, or cleaning up. My friends know me well so there was chocolate cake but also a big fresh fruit salad, cheese and crackers, and even homemade chocolate covered strawberries (thanks, Raquel!). I’d been asked for a guest list of people outside the usual suspects and was so pleased – and surprised – at the turnout. There were even flowers from the dean.

I didn’t cry yesterday when I left and just teared up a little bit here and there in saying goodbye to staff and colleagues. On the one hand, that surprised me, but then, I’ve known for months that I was leaving and have had time to come to terms with it and to be prepared to move on. I hope I left things well organized but if I didn’t, well, they’ll find things and make good choices.

The new job starts July 2 and I move on Monday, giving me two weeks in CT to get settled a bit and learn my way around. Now I’m sort of in limbo time for these two days. I’ve run out of packing paper and boxes so am leaving the rest for the movers to do. Instead, I’m giving myself the weekend to say goodbye to Boston.

This morning – as soon as I finish writing and get dressed, actually – I’m off to explore the Freedom Trail one last time. I’ve done this a dozen times, last year while hunting painted cows, but it’s a quintessential Boston thing to do so I’m doing it again, this time without visiting the museum parts. The trail is a focused walk through historic Boston including the North End with its taste of Italy. I’ll see sites, do some shopping, and take pictures on a pretty day in a city I love.