In limbo and in pain

Moving boxesI am literally mid-move tonight. The moving guys arrived this morning, later than expected because the truck broke down, and packed up everything that I hadn’t already packed. Actually, I think they were surprised that I’d done as much as I did, but it was a good thing I did, since they weren’t especially speedy. One of them in particular didn’t seem to do a lot of the packing but then, he was the paperwork person and lord knows there were plenty of forms.

By the time they came, my back was shooting out pain bursts if I did anything at all and I spent most of the time sitting in the recliner with ice on my back, alternating with jumping up and cleaning something and then sitting back and wincing. I’d packed my car last night with the things that couldn’t or shouldn’t go on the truck, including jewelry and medications, open bottles of kitchen things such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and my laundry basket with linens and miscellaneous bathroom things. Cleaning supplies had to be carried, too, once I’d finished using them. Even though individually these things weren’t heavy, I could tell by last night that today would be bad and it was.

All of my things are sitting swathed in thick quilted pads or miles of plastic wrap or wrapped in paper tucked into sturdy cardboard boxes. The truck is in Hartford now, waiting for delivery tomorrow morning after I get the key. My parents had a horrible move years ago when their truck was vandalized in the lot of the moving company when it was there overnight and I admit to having some flashes of bad things, but know it’s mostly the influence of family stories.

It seemed so anticlimactic to just run the vacuum, lock the windows, leave my keys and passes on the countertop, and then just leave. No one was there to say goodbye, not even my favorite big brown bunny. It was just me and my car full of weird things, heading west for my new life.

Tonight I’m camping out in the very nice quarters of a hotel in Sturbridge. I didn’t eat dinner because I’m in so much pain I thought I’d throw up if I ate anything – my need was for ice on the back and Percoset for pain control. I’m hoping that by tomorrow I’ll be better and am thinking I’ll ask the movers to take the stuff from my car in exchange for a nice tip. It would be worth it.

I’m getting better at understanding when the pain will erupt and how long it takes between doing something and when the fire appears. I certainly did a number on myself with my fall several weeks ago and hope that once the move is over and I stop doing so much lifting, it will slowly heal.

For now, it’s rest and quiet, ice and meds, with my feet up in a room without any boxes. Tomorrow the next phase begins.