Honey, I’m home

It certainly takes a lot longer to pack up and load a truck with furniture and boxes than it does to undo it all. My movers arrived on the dot of 11 and were completely finished in 90 minutes. My work has just begun, though, trying to figure out what on earth I put in the different boxes. The kitchen is intimidating but the living room at least looks habitable and I have a load of wash in my dryer. It will be home before I know it.

What’s making me annoyed is that I can’t get the wireless router working properly. Grrrr. I’m connected right now using hard wires but there HAS to be a way to make this behave, though I’d tried it three different times from start to finish and it still doesn’t work. Maybe tomorrow it will behave.

For now, I’m home. It will start to look and feel like it soon.