Settling in

The unpacking is going fairly well except I’m having a hard time finding things. The rooms and closets don’t match up exactly with the old place and I get distracted unpacking a box and then moving things around only to lose track of what I was doing in the first place. There are piles of boxes everywhere, some of them jammed full of that newsprint paper used to wrap everything within an inch of its life (think a can of tuna wrapped up in 2 sheets of it and multiply by a 2 bedroom apartment – it boggles the mind).

After three hours, $250, and many lines at the DMV, I am now the proud owner of a Connecticut driver’s license and auto registration. They do things a little unexpectedly here – the auto inspection happens before the registration rather than after, and on a newish car, they don’t even check for safety, just emissions. It seems backwards to me and to the car techs who did the inspection.

I don’t know how people managed this stuff before the web. I was able to find the DMV website with detailed instructions on what I needed to bring and what forms of identity were accepted. Who knew that I would need my passport and lease as well as title, emissions test results, old registration, old license, proof of insurance, and lots and lots of $$$?

Room 5 was full of people waiting for their licenses in assorted steps of the process. There was the line to turn in your paperwork – and you had to stand in another line to get the forms first – and then you waited and waited. Then they call you up for an eye test and then you waited and waited. Then they want your $$ and have you come back to have the photo taken – and then you wait some more before the license is finally ready. Then it’s time for the registration lines. At least it’s done even if I’m feeling poor.