Getting back into my food routine

Smiling pigI’m much better at sticking to my food plan, my healthy lifestyle, when I’m in my routine. This last week has been anything BUT routine with moving, living out of boxes, no work, and food all willy nilly at both ends. I haven’t even been pretending to try to follow a plan and my body is not happy with me. Oh, I could have been a lot worse; my idea of being out of control now is certainly different than what it used to be.

These pounds aren’t falling off now and I don’t want to see them padded back on my hips just because I’m being lazy. The three things I’ve always hung onto in the past were drinking my water, journaling, and doing my daily inventory. Well, this week I was drinking diet soda rather than water because it tastes funny here. Solution: get a Brita so I can have filtered water to make sure I actually drink more. Check.

Journaling? I do mine using eTools on the WW website and I love the combination of journal/points books all in one place so I don’t have a separate step of looking things up. Works just dandy for me when I’m actually using a computer regularly at work, or even at home when I can dash in to the computer desk and just record whatever.

Well, my big computer just got out of a box and isn’t hooked up, and even if it was, the wireless isn’t working here yet so I can’t connect to the web on that machine.  I do have net access (obviously) but the laptop is tethered by a short cable to the modem by the TV, a very unsatisfactory situation.  Solution: hook up a longer Ethernet cable until Comcast comes next week to fix the wireless.

My daily inventory is something I do on a private blog and it helps me stay focused with what I’ve accomplished, people interaction, things that made me happy that didn’t have anything to do with me (my personal favorite), etc. I’ve been doing it faithfully since February but this week it all sort of fell apart due to the previous computer issues – but also because I was feeling crappy about what I’d been eating and not recording. The combination of those made it easy to just not write anything down. Solution: inventory anyway. It’s the discipline that matters.

If I hang onto these things, I will be making better food choices without even having to force myself to think about it. I know this from experience. Having spent $140 on groceries to restock the fridge with healthy things including protein, fruits and veggies, I have the food on hand to make those choices easier.

Being out of my zone is uncomfortable for my body and my head. In the past, I lapsed into it anyway, little by little, making it even harder to pull out of the spiral. I feel good that I recognized the problems and found solutions to get myself back on track. That’s a behavior change that deserves a Bravo sticker.

Next step – going to a new WW meeting in my new location.