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Finding my way


Connecticut roadmapI am a very visual person and as I set out this weekend to explore my new area, I went armed with maps and step by step directions. If my printer was hooked up, I’d also have had some Google Map printouts with pictures.

I found, though, that I used these detailed maps to get myself to the destination but then found my own way home, not once but on three separate excursions in different directions. Kind of interesting. Although the return trips were worth making in their own wandering way, it was a lot more efficient to travel with the maps and with a plan.

Well duh. Perhaps there is an analogy to me working my food plan. When I follow the detailed guidelines, I know where I’m going and how to get there and I have pictures along the way. I know how many points to eat, what kinds of foods are better for me, and I keep track of them as I go because I have a roadmap. When I make up The Anne Plan, it gets me somewhere but in a very wandering way that includes more ups than downs.

Somewhere in my boxes and piles are the weekly booklets for the Weight Watchers plan. Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I tended to take the booklets and then toss them into a basket without really reading them. But the booklets are part of the travel planning for this weight loss journey and provide directions that would be extremely helpful if I actually looked at them.

WeightWatchers LogoMy WW anniversary is coming up next weekend; it will be 5 years since I joined this latest time and I’ve been going to meetings more faithfully than I followed the program sometimes. I’ve had fun kind of wandering around these last two years, complaining about my lack of progress but afraid, really, of being more successful. By going to meetings, I could honestly say I was a Weight Watcher even when I mostly watched myself stay in one place.

I know the direction I want to go and I know the basics about getting there, but reading the directions, the guidebooks, the map, will make me more productive and successful. I know I have to actually do the things and not just look at the pictures. That means making myself a priority. I’m in a new place physically and my work life will be far less stressful so this is a good time to buckle down.

This week I’m going to pull out those old booklets, read them again, and plan the next leg of the journey. It’s time.

4 thoughts on “Finding my way

  1. New digs, new meetings, new direction, new motivation. Good for you!

  2. You mean those booklets aren’t just for collecting like baseball cards? 🙂 Enjoy your fresh start — I think it’s always good to go back and look at the Week One booklet especially.

  3. I actually stayed for the beginner’s meeting this week. It is kind of neat — new home, new job, new beginnings.

  4. You go girl! Great to see someone taking charge of their destiny.

    You’ll have to be sure to share some of the great new stuff you learn when you read your WW materials. I know every time I’ve gone back through them (last time way too long ago…) I’m always surprised by how much I’d forgotten (or maybe never knew).

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