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Two annoying commercials


There are two commercials that I seem to see every time the TV is on and they are driving me crazy for different reasons.

P’zoneFirst up we have Pizza Hut featuring the return of the P’zone, a one-pound cross between a pizza and a calzone. Actually, 1.07 lbs of it. A big circle of pizza dough is mounded up with pizza toppings, folded over and the edges crimped, and then backed into a gigantic half-moon shape like an Italian empanada. Tag line: “Big enough to share. So good you won’t want to.” Price: $5.99. The commercial shows young guys snarfing down these giant pies, holding them the way you’d hold a slice of watermelon and biting into them, and refusing to share. They’re obviously that good.

Being a good little Weight Watcher, I went to the Pizza Hut website to check out the nutritional info so I could make fun of it (let’s be real). The “classic” has 610 calories, 23 gms fat, and 4 gms fiber, which works out to 15 points. The “pepperoni” has 840 calories, 43 gms fat, and 3 gm fiber, which is 20 points. The “meaty” version is somewhere in between. But wait! They define a serving size as ONE HALF of these pizza wonders, which makes an entire p’zone anywhere from 30-40 points. Uh, I think I don’t want one now, thank you.

MojitoThe other commercial that is driving me nuts for a totally different reason is the Bacardi Rum Mojito commercial where everyone is wiggling their butts to the beat as the bartender is grinding down the mint. Oops, that’s a “Muddle” not wiggling or grinding. Silly me. I’m not entirely sure how how to count the mojito but that’s not why the commercial drives me crazy. It’s all the skinny women in tiny skirts all muddling their butts in synch, looking as though they’re all connected to each other and spasming with the music.

Now one commercial I actually like, although I’m never entirely sure what the product is, is the one with the music, “For Goodness Sake, I’ve got the hippy hippy shake.” There are happy, curvy women giving a hip shake with a smile and then we learn that whoever the sponsor is supports women having their own shapes and not some predefined number. Or something to that effect.

The women in the last commercial are curvy and look more like me than the women wiggling with the mojito music. They aren’t stuffing their faces with giant pizza moons, either.

3 thoughts on “Two annoying commercials

  1. SO, SO good to read what you’ve been experiencing & reinforcing with the exigencies of moving to a new place — thank you for being such a generous blogger!

    We’ll all be anxious to hear what WW is like in your new Southern New England town is like…

  2. I hate that muddle commercial too. I really hate the Victoria’s Secret ones, the ones with 9-foot-tall models with gorgeous bodies…

    I have to admit, though, that even watching women’s sports on TV tends to cause compare-and-despair moments. So I’m just screwed, basically.

  3. I think the “hippy-hippy” commercial is actually for Slim Fast. I always liked that commercial as well – until I look at who sponsors it and think “yeah, right – people buy Slim Fast to be content to wind up with something less than ideal bodies” – but it’s a nice thought…

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