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First Day of School

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GargoyleWhen I was in elementary school, the first day was always exciting but nervous-making. Did I have the right clothes? Would I like the teacher? Would I be able to do the work? Would people like me? What would we learn? Would it be fun? Starting a new job generates the same sets of emotions, plus being grown-up enough to wonder if I’ll get lost between the parking lot and the building and asking myself where I’ll get my diet soda fix or be able to remember all the names.

Yesterday I started my new job and I certainly picked an interesting week to arrive: Stephen Spielberg and Harrison Ford were in New Haven to film scenes for the Indiana Jones 4 movie! I missed the excitement of shooting at the law school last week but I did see filming of street scenes and a plethora of vintage autos lining the street. Store windows on Chapel Street were transformed back to 1957 contents and styles for other scenes; today the street was full of tourists snapping pics of each other in front of the vintage looks.

It was all very fun but also disruptive, with streets closed and traffic rerouted different ways on different days. I barely know how to find my way around on a normal day; it’s been quite a challenge!

Getting settled into the new job will take time but I’ve made a start. I unpacked the boxes I mailed myself from Boston full of files and tchotchkes, including a few flying pigs and my magic wand collection. My email and computer things are all set up, although I don’t know how to make long-distance calls yet so am using my cell phone for that for now. And I’m starting to look through the codes and documentation to figure out how to get oriented.

My first two weeks include a law school presentation and picnic (today), a national holiday (tomorrow), benefits orientation (Thursday), and professional staff retreat (next Monday), before leaving for a week at our national conference. I hope the staff know who I am when I get back!

It feels good to actually be here and learning the ropes after weeks of being a lame-duck and in limbo. I even have a decent ID picture! Now if I could just figure out where to get the bus back to the parking lot …

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