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Of Beignets and Bread Pudding


BeignetsI’m off to New Orleans this morning for a conference and will be there for a week (if you count the two travel days – and we all know how well I do on travel days). It will be great to see friends and catch up with folks I haven’t seen for a year, and to be back in New Orleans. I realized this morning that the first time I went it was for this conference the year that I moved to Boston. Now I’ve moved again and hey! we’re back in NOLA.

Wonderful city, very hot and humid temperatures, fabulous restaurants. It’s going to be hard, it always is for me at this thing. I’ve been reminding myself that I don’t have to eat bread pudding at every restaurant I visit just because I love it and it’s on the menu. I’m eating out every meal, though breakfasts should be easier to manage since I’m on the concierge floor (one of the perks of being on the board) and I know I can get fruit and yogurt there.

I decided that I can eat one full dessert at a dinner meal and that’s it; I can share with other people or simply not have it. Bread pudding, which seems to be a specialty down in NOLA, has 13 points for a 1 cup serving, which is ridiculous. But better to know that before I eat it every day and then feel bloated and stuff. Beignets, those wonderful French donuts famously eaten at Cafe du Monde with good strong coffee, are definitely on my must taste list, as are good pralines. Made with sugar, buttermilk and pecans, they are so easy to eat and then your teeth rot because of the excess sweetness.

I’ve been looking up points values and checking out restaurant menus to try and get a grip on myself before I leave. Main dinner entrees will be fish, probably blackened, or a combination of appetizers and/or salads. I know I’ll have desserts to at least taste but I don’t have to demolish everything on the table. As my friend T used to say, “the last bite tastes the same as the first”- it won’t get better just because I keep eating it. I’m also going to allow myself a few glasses of wine over the week but wine makes me retain water and I’d rather have bread anyway. Choices to make.

The point of this trip is to attend a conference, network and learn things, NOT to go and eat everything not nailed down. The food part is what is always hard, though, so thinking it through and looking up points and menus in advance helps me feel more in control – hey! I’m using the “mental rehearsing” WW tool for living. Yay me 🙂

Time to get dressed and head for the airport. I’ll be back to check in when I can.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rollez!

4 thoughts on “Of Beignets and Bread Pudding

  1. Have a great time! I’m jealous…always wanted to go to New Orleans. Laissez les bon temps rouler! 😉

  2. I lived in the New Orleans area for 3 years. (Harvey – across the bridge on the west bank).

    Drink some cafe au late for me.

  3. I found your blog searching google for weight watchers points and new orleans. I’m going there soon for three days and could use some good WW-friendly suggestions. I have reservations at NOLAs which will easily take care of the 35 bonus points (that I usually never use!) Beignets, yes – for sure; also a muffalletta from Central Grocer. And margaritas. Oh man, this is going to be a challenge!

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