My feet look like water balloons

Water balloonsOne of the side effects of heat + humidity + wine + standing for long periods + no way to elevate my legs is that my feet swell up like water balloons. Which they resemble now and the tops kind of jiggle with the retained water, and I can’t wear some of my shoes. This always happens at the conference but it’s so very hot and humid here in NOLA that I have the balloon feet earlier than usual.

That didn’t stop me from dancing yesterday at the opening event. It was a dessert reception with food stations with such yummy things as white chocolate bread pudding, Mardi Gras king cake, fresh berries with berry sorbet, freshly made beignets, and chocolate boxes with flavored mousse inside. Way too much food and I ate more than I needed to, but since I didn’t have dinner, it sort of balanced out. Ha ha ha.

There was a great band that started by playing slow jazz, which fit the NOLA-themed event. But after a while, the tunes started picking up in tempo and I couldn’t sit still. I started out just getting closer to the dance floor to watch better but was quickly pulled into a little group of happy friends and that was it for the next hour.

My knee and feet were not very happy with me by the time I got back to the hotel but I don’t care and I’ll do it again at the closing banquet on Tuesday night, though I need to wear different shoes.  Or just kick them off and dance barefoot 🙂

2 thoughts on “My feet look like water balloons

  1. Lori

    It sounds like you are having a blast and you deserve it. Fresh berries…mmmm.

    Don’t forget, dancing counts as activity points, Miss A. And there are flip-flops around, I’m sure! Have fun!

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