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This Lazy Girl Gets off Her Butt


Large size exerciserI’m basically a lazy person when it comes to physical activity. I don’t like to sweat or be hot, and my cranky knee makes a lot of things difficult to do. Floor exercises and the like are out because, frankly, I can’t get up off the floor easily or without a lot of pain. And I don’t like to hurt.

As you may remember, I hurt my back at the end of May which put a crimp in my packing and moving process. Literally – because moving in innocuous ways would send it into spasms and have me just sit quietly with ice on my back, trying not to hurt more. Trust me, I wasn’t about to start up an exercise program under those conditions.

So imagine my surprise to realize that I’ve been walking more on a regular basis than I have in at least a year, and I’m not even doing it at a gym. I park a mile away from my building and have been walking at least one way three times a week (there’s a bus that I can take if I’m late, it’s hot, or the knee is cranky). On my lunch hour I’ve been taking walks to explore the new campus, take pictures, and find little shops. And inside the library, I’m walking up and down hallways and stack ranges a few times a day, partly to figure out where things are but also because getting up and moving during the day keeps my legs from getting stiff.

I know I need to find a gym and do something more steady and official. But I think I’m going to wait on that for a bit, until what I’m doing now doesn’t feel like enough. For now I’m pleased with myself for pushing to do this much when I’d rather sit on the bus in the A/C and be lazy.

3 thoughts on “This Lazy Girl Gets off Her Butt

  1. You go! The more you weigh, the more calories you burn walking down a hallway.

    I hope you can find a water aerobics class or a chair yoga class — something gentle where you don’t beat yourself up form not being able to pretzel the way the 20-year-old next to you does.

    You’er always an inspiration.

  2. I’m happy that you’re able to do so much walking without having pain. Maybe the secret is little bits here and there until you become stronger.

  3. I’m happy too that you are able to walk. I’ve noticed a new cross walk so maybe I can go back to walking to my garage relatively soon and get some exercise in.

    I’m really impressed and proud of you to doing that amount of walking. With your own knee problems, the back thing and the added bonus of heat and humidity–that’s pretty damn impressive.

    You rule!

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