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Driving with Friends

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Driving with musicClick and Clack, the Car Talk guys, entertained me this morning on a touristy drive, followed by Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and the folksy charm of Prairie Home Companion. I’ve been listening to these NPR shows for years in Boston (and even took my car to the Good News Garage to be fixed by The Guys), and it delights me that I can take them with me to a new place.

I love singing along with the radio in the car but I also spend my commutes listening to Morning Edition on the way in and All Things Considered on the way home. They go into depth with stories that might get a 60-second spot, if that, on the national news and have educated me on a wide variety of topics. I don’t always agree with them, mind you, but I love that my drive time is interesting and productive.

Listening to Prairie Home Companion’s very special summertime compilation show featuring all things Norwegian had me engaged and smiling as I drove along, tapping my toes to the snappy rhythms of fiddles and grinning at the ad for Norwegenetics and everything in between. All is well in Lake Wobegon, where “the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”

Hearing the familiar voices in the car with me makes me feel less alone in a new place. I know what to expect when I listen to NPR — which shows will inform, challenge, or simply entertain — and am rarely disappointed. Which is why I support NPR financially. If you listen, I hope you do, too.

One thought on “Driving with Friends

  1. So I guess NPR makes you happy? I have been thinking a lot about your last post. I am also choosing to be happy. Part of the choice is recognizing my blessings. Also being alert for what makes me happy. And doing more of it. Happy listening.

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