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It’s Time to Go to a WW Meeting

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Weight Watcher ChickensOne thing that I’ve consistently done wrong since moving to Connecticut has been Weight Watchers. I don’t mean the program itself, although I’ve certainly not been doing that as well as I could be.

No, it’s the WW meetings that I’ve messed up – by not going. And I know better. It’s not enough to slip in quietly and get weighed before slipping quietly out again. Yes, I’m accountable and having that weekly check but going to meetings makes an enormous difference for me. I can both get and give information and support when I go and I have community. When I don’t stay for meetings regularly, I feel less connected to other people and to myself.

One thing that I’ve realized over the last year, and especially so now, is that going to a morning meeting on the weekend just doesn’t work for me. I have a tendency to consider the “post weigh in” time as though the points consumed don’t count, which is of course ridiculous because a whole day of eating without restraint can wreck havoc on the weekly flex allowance.

The solution is to find an after work meeting and stop on the way home to weigh in and stay for the class. There’s a WW center in between work and home so location isn’t an issue, though the idea of weighing at the end of the day again makes me feel heavy even before getting on the scale.

It’s doable, though, and it will make a difference. It’s part of putting the pieces back in place that worked when I was first successful with WW five years ago. Regularly attending a meeting – an evening meeting – was part of that. It will be again if I have anything to say or do about it. Which I do 🙂

One thought on “It’s Time to Go to a WW Meeting

  1. It is funny that we’re both thinking the same thoughts. I think a new job — or even thinking about one — complicates things to the point that we can rationalize taking things easier on ourselves. But in the long run, pigging out is not going to make things easier for me.

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