Top Ten Reasons Why I Want to Lose Weight

Me BeforeI’m going back to basics, starting over again with WW. While this hasn’t been a perfect week, I’ve done much better at planning and logging my food, managing portion sizes, and even trying to get in my healthy food groups – which oddly enough does not include chocolate. Someone was asleep at the switch there. As the Sweet Potato Queens have said, the basic food groups are sweet, salty, fried and au gratin.

But I digress.

I’ve been coasting along at this for a while now, having lost track of why it matters in the first place. It’s very easy for the foodplan to be come an end in and of itself, instead of being the way to achieve other things. So I decided it was time to sit down and think about it again and make a new list that I can put up on the fridge to remind me when my energy level flags.

I want to lose weight in order to:

  1. Improve flexibility and ease the load on my knees
  2. Have more energy and stamina
  3. Improve my sleep apnea
  4. Fit into a greater variety of clothes
  5. Fit into seats on planes without needing a seatbelt extension
  6. Be less self conscious about my body when I’m with other people
  7. Avoid knee replacement surgery as long as possible
  8. Enjoy traveling more
  9. Be comfortable in my body
  10. Be able to buy classic clothes in only one size range

These were in no particular order; they all matter. Notice that one thing that isn’t there, deliberately so, is “Like myself better” because I already do like myself. I just don’t like who I am in the larger body because the body needs paring down and I’m physically uncomfortable in it.

When I joined WW in 2002 (see picture above), I was pre-menopausal and now I’m definitely post- with the metabolism that goes with it. Losing will probably go slower – but it will not happen at all without drawing the line in the sand and getting on with it.

I Can Do It RingI am not declaring a goal weight, though I have something in mind. My first goal is 5 pounds and when that is achieved, I’ll set the goal at another 5 and string them together little by little. I bought myself an “I can do it” anchor, a pretty ring to wear on my right hand, which is the one that brings the food to my mouth. It’s a different motivator – instead of just waiting and rewarding myself after the fact, it will serve as a reminder of what I want to accomplish.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why I Want to Lose Weight

  1. This is a great idea and I’m glad that “like myself better” didn’t make it on there. For me, it might be “feel like a good and worthy person” on bad days…

    The list helps you remember that weight loss can be self-care and not self-punishment. That is something that a lot of us need to be reminded of once in a while.

  2. A friend also did the ring thing. It worked like a charm. (no pun intended) I am also going back to basics. I want to be healthy. I want to eat food good for more than just my mouth. I feel better physically and emotionally without a lot of added sugar. It is good to recall our priorities.

  3. shannon12271

    I love it! I’m not sure why, but your description really moved me. I guess it’s because it is honest. I find alot of people, when asked why they want to lose weight won’t admit things like “buy better clothes”, rather they tend toward the intangible reasons that have to do with self-love. No Dammit! I want to wear the cute clothes!

    I too am uncomfortable in my body. It’s not the body that I see when I close my eyes. And I want to be able to dress it better, move it around better and have it be just a little better to me.

    Thank you for being honest and sharing with the internets that stop by.


  4. elaine

    Hey there,

    I think you sent an email, but my spam filter blocked it – it’s not in my inbox – so try my work addy if you get a chance.

    I like your post here – last week Michelle was talking about that winning outcome you need to focus on, and I realized I really need to have that focus in order to get anywhere with this thing. I like your list – it pretty much matches my own.

    I love the idea of the ring – having sparkly things to grab your attention is always a good one for me!


  5. I wish you much success on the basics plan. I too made a list (a la Beck Diet Solution – Advantages card) of reasons why I want to lose weight. I laminated mine and keep one in my purse and the other in my diet notebook.

    I like the 5 pound increments instead of a large goal for weight loss. Those 5 pounds seem so obtainable. . . and they add up.

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  8. I just went through knee replacement surgery, and while it is no small thing, it is not to be feared. Of course, I had medical coverage that paid for it, so the money wasn’t an issue.

    Kudo’s for your new commitment. I think the ring idea is great. It presupposes that you will be successful, an essential attitude for success.

    At my blogsite for my knee replacement, I have a link to a report on Optimal Nutrition by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin that you might enjoy. You are welcome to take a look, and read about my TKR as well.

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