Shopping for Clothes and Apples

Cute Girl with a Basket of ApplesI went shopping this morning at the Large Lady Stores – Catherine’s, Avenue, and Lane Bryant. The goal was to find pants and a bathing suit, since the one that came from Junonia was too big. Sizing is just odd, don’tcha think?

I was armed with sale flyers, motivation, and a credit card, prepared to buy something things that fit that would work with my lifestyle. It was a total disaster. Pants with zippers that fit around the hips are proportioned badly so the waistband is up about 4 inches above my actual waist, making them awkward and lumpy. They’re also too long, which could be altered, but trying to take out zippers and remake pants is just more than I want to contemplate.

Bathing suits were out of the question. Here in New England it’s fall and the stores are stocking heavy winter coats. Although people go on cruises and vacations and take water aerobics classes year round, I guess there isn’t room enough in the stores to manage all seasons at once.

I went home with nothing at all. The sweaters and jackets I tried on were too long and/or weird at the arms because I’m petite and the clothes simply weren’t. Petite women have different proportions and it’s not enough to shorten a garment by 2 inches and let that be it. Normal size women have a whole section called Petite where they have lots of options; large size petite women are oddballs when it comes to shopping.

Since shopping makes me hungry and I hadn’t eaten much because of WW in the morning, I treated myself to pad thai for lunch and then took to the road to track down a “pick your own apples” place. That was the plan anyway, but my knee has been acting badly and I wasn’t sure that it would be a good idea when I actually go there.

Fortunately for me, the “apple picking” place also had “apple buying” as an option and I was delighted to find big baskets of honeycrisp apples just begging me to take them home. They are my very favorite kind of apple to eat – Cortlands are my favs for baking – and are not widely available or around for long, so I like to grab them when and where I can. If you find any in the store, give them a try. They will likely cost more but they are wonderful!

The store also had fresh picked corn, big fat field fresh tomatoes, nectarines and peaches, and other vegetables as well. I picked up my produce and two big jars of apple cider butter and headed home. Since I had such a big lunch (I ate the whole plate of pad thai), I just had a big tomato and an ear of corn for supper and it was divine.

Tomorrow I really want to find a way to get into the pool at the gym. My knee hasn’t been happy since the last time I was there. I can’t just sit around like a lump in the chair; I need to be doing something and the pool is the best place to do it. A bathing suit is necessary, however, so it may have to wait. Maybe the Exercise Fairy will leave me one while I’m sleeping.