Love Your Body Day is Oct. 18

Love Your Body DayI was surprised and intrigued to see an announcement for Love Your Body Day in an email today. Who knew there was a whole day to do something we usually avoid as much as possible?

If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s being mean to ourselves about our bodies. We feed them junk, don’t let them move in healthy ways, squish them into clothes that don’t fit or are cheap “just for now” things instead of clothes that feel and look good. We call ourselves “fat” and “ugly” and hide under baggy clothes and at home instead of out being social.

So let’s think about this Love Your Body thing. What would that be like? I’ve usually only managed small moments strung together of actually liking my body, much less loving it. But if I did … I would feed it healthy and tasty food (they don’t have to be mutually exclusive). I would remember to enjoy the way that new pair of pants fits and looks on me. I would take a little extra time to do makeup to make the most of my eyes and skin, and the extra 5 minutes to finish off the hair that’s sometimes haphazardly done.

But really it’s about attitude. Being grateful and happy for the things that my body does for me and not mad because there are things it can’t do. Being present in my body and not distancing myself from it, pretending it belongs to someone else.

Check out the website for Love Your Body, especially the positive ads. They are very eye-opening.