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I Need Recipes


You’d think I never cook.  My parents are coming and I’m getting all weirded out by not knowing what to cook.  Left to my own devices, I tend to grab things here and there or eat a “meal in a bowl” which is about the only way everything is actually ready at the same time.

So I could use your suggestions of things to cook that you eat with your family – or would cook for your own parents if they were visiting.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

4 thoughts on “I Need Recipes

  1. Anne, I don’t have any great suggestions as my parents are very funny about food themselves. (And they don’t eat a lot at meals but seem to nosh a lot between meals.) But how about some things in the crockpot? Or a nice casserole? I know my parents would be happy with a steak, baked potato and some vegetables. (And for easier clean-up, you can substitute meat loaf for the steak and cook everything in the oven. In fact, it could be something you prepared ahead of time and your parents could put it in the oven at a certain time for you. They could help but not be overwhelmed and you’d have dinner ready.)

    (Maybe some of those frozen rolls that you can bake individually for them too?)

  2. A friend of mine had family staying and she did the meal assembly kitchen. They provide all the ingredients and containers for meals. You make them up, take home and freeze until ready to thaw and cook them. Since it was too late for her to prepare the meals herself, the kitchen staff made them up for her.

    Here is a link (might be worth a try) lists all the places in the US:


    I will get back with you on crockpot recipes.

  3. Check out my cooking blog: http://kitchencook.wordpress.com
    I’ve got lots of easy, family friendly recipes that my family has been sharing with each other for ever!

    This recipe is especially good and easy:

  4. Anne:

    Michael Angelo’s makes a great frozen Lasagna with meat sauce (cooks from frozen for an hour) found in the freezer section of the grocery store.

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