My Parents Are Here!

Peabody Museum DinosaurJust a quick note to check in and let you know that my parents arrived safe and sound on Friday, though there was a horrible traffic jam in Hartford caused by two jackknifed trucks on the other side of the highway. Curiosity factors made it a very touch and go drive but they were able to get through and only got lost once 🙂

Yesterday we spent the morning visiting and looking through old family pictures and telling stories and before we knew it, it was noon time. I took them to lunch at Sergio’s Pizza (“best pizza in Hamden”) and it was yummy. The ride gave us a chance to see a less busy area of town and spot some foliage.

After lunch we headed down to Yale to drive around the campus and show off my new university. I’ve gotten kind of used to what it all looks like now so it was fun to see it again for the first time through their eyes. I lucked out and found a parking space, used some of the roll of quarters that had been turning my purse into the 30-lb gorilla, and we set out on foot to see the law school, down tree-lined streets, through old campus, and into the fabulous Sterling Library. My knee was starting to hurt about then so I was happy to get back into the car. Not that we stayed in it long – we went to the Peabody Natural History Museum to look at dinosaurs 🙂

Dinner was at Applebees and I had the cajun lime tilapia from the WW menu, feeling virtuous if you didn’t count my strawberry margarita. Which really wasn’t all that bad and I did enjoy it.

Today we’re off on another adventure, though I’m not sure where we’re going. The agenda changes as we look at weather. It’s colder here than my parents are used to, having come from Texas where things are a lot hotter. Spending a whole day outside wandering around isn’t going to work unless we stop at an outlet store and find some warmer outerwear. Hmmmm. Outlet mall shopping. There could be worse things to do.

Time to scoot and have breakfast and read the NY Times. I’ll check back when I can but it won’t be every day. Thanks for the good thoughts!