Travels to Mystic and Litchfield

Pumpkins on the StairsWe’ve been out and about, playing tourists in different directions on different days. Yesterday we headed east to Mystic Seaport and the wonderful tall ships. One of them had a training crew up in the rigging, pulling in the sails which was wonderful to see. We couldn’t imagine doing that or living on such a vessel, which went sailed for 80 years on whaling expeditions. I think I would have been sick.

It was a great day to be outside, with the air blowing off the harbor and the bright leaves shining like beacons from across the water.

Today was a bit more cloudy but still good for driving. We mapped out a foliage route up to the northwest, driving up to Litchfield and having lunch in a little place on Main Street. We took back roads and enjoyed the bright splashes of color across the hills. I was glad my dad drove so I could just enjoy what I was seeing – but I want to go back to enjoy the wineries.

Tomorrow I’m back to work and water aerobics while my parents take off for a few days with friends they’ve known for almost 50 years and haven’t seen for over 25. I envy that they’ve kept in touch that long and it reminds me to stay in touch with those I’ve known for years.