Enjoying a Quiet Weekend

SundayUsually my weekends are full of blowing and going with errands, and the last two weekends I had my parents as company so we had things to see and places to go. Before they came, I was running around like a crazy person making sure everything would be ready for them and doing the usual stuff.

So yesterday was a gift: a gray, rainy day with no obligations or responsibilities, a chance to snuggle into the covers and sleep in a bit, take my time over the Saturday NY Times, sit quietly and read a new book. My spirit needed the recharging and being quiet and lazy while I could – next weekend I’ll be in Chicago.

I did venture out into the wet to go to BJ’s and then Bed Bath and Beyond to find a new vacuum, and thanks to the BBB 20% off coupon, got just what I wanted. But the vacuum is sitting in the middle of the living room waiting for me to finish cleaning which I am totally not inspired to do. I’ll get it done today but yesterday it was just more than I could handle.

I don’t know how people with families do it. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been alone and responsible for myself for most of my life, and I’m spoiled to be able to do whatever I want when I want (except going to work, which is a given). Soon I’ll have a new member of my little family – a nice furry cat – and that will change the dynamics as well as what I leave sitting around to be covered in cat hair.

For today, the rain is over and the sun is out. The Sunday Times is waiting for me. The Red Sox won again last night so I’m a happy camper.  I have things to do today – a day of doing nothing means more to do the next day – but there’s time for that.  This is Me Time.

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