Happy Halloween

Witch on a broomstickIt’s more than a bit weird to go to Weight Watchers as part of my Halloween celebration. No one was in costume and they weren’t handing out any free stuff. Not that I expected candy from WW! but there weren’t even any Fruitees or little no-food things. They did give me a present, though — only a 0.8 lb gain instead of what I had expected after eating everything not nailed down this week.

I have a bowl of candy on the table, waiting for the little kids in my building to come by, but now it’s 9:30pm and clear that no one will show up. This is good to know for next year; I won’t bother to buy anything at all, but this was my first year here and I didn’t know what to expect. Before I go to bed, the candy will be in the bottom of a trash bag to be dropped off in the dumpster at 6:00am on my way up to the airport in Hartford.

I’m going to Chicago to visit my best friend and – shockingly – am not bringing a laptop with me. We’re going to play and shop and visit and talk ourselves silly. I’m bringing her a tiny pocket Buddha and three bags of Kim’s Light Bagels to try since they’re not sold up in her part of the country.

Enjoy the rest of your week, everyone, and I’ll check in when I’m back home – getting ready to go get my new kitty. I’ve decided to name her Tessie, for the song sung at Red Sox games. What can I say? We won the series and I have the song going through my head.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Can you come here and throw out our candy? Please. I thought about throwing it all away last night, but I just don’t have that kind of super power and I rarely eat any of it.

    What a lucky kitty to be adopted by you! And such a pretty kitty cat too!

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