Catching Up

Today has been a mad scramble.  I went to Chicago to hang out with my best friend for a few days and we had a blast but not much sleep was involved in the process, even with the hour time change.   I’ve gotten to know a number of her friends and enjoy getting together with them on my flying visits.

Literally flying – on a little bitty tiny plane that holds 40 people, which isn’t many on a 2 hours flight.  At least we didn’t have to climb up and down those little steps, but these little planes always park far away from things like baggage claim.  I was lucky with good weather and smooth flights both coming and going.  My car stayed with an airport valet parking place and I had them do an oil change and clean it all up for me while I was gone.

I did a quick load of laundry to get those “dry flat” things out of the way ASAP.  Today I worked an extra 90 minutes, leaving for work at 7am and coming home late, so I could bank time to take off early tomorrow.  I ran around like a crazy person tonight tidying, setting up the litter box, paying bills, and generally getting ready for a new arrival tomorrow … because it’s Get the Kitty day!

Food was a bit catch as catch can, since I didn’t have much in the fridge when I got home last night.  I’m better supplied now but am so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open – so I’m not even going to try.  I have meals planned for tomorrow and everything will sort itself out.

Did I mention that tomorrow is Get the Kitty day?

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