A Gain, a Flat, and a Kitty

TessieAs of today, I’ve gained 16 lbs since moving to Connecticut from Boston. I am not amused and I’m not surprised. I’ve been eating a little extra here and there, exercising less, and using food for comfort. My goal for the next two months is to stay the same. Losing more would be nice but I’m not expecting or counting on it. I might as well be realistic, given my past history.

That’s the bad news. Well, okay, there’s more. I came out of the house to leave to work this morning and discovered a pancake-flat tire on the car. It could have happened yesterday on the busy interstate highway as I came home with the kitty, so this was better if it had to happen at all. I momentarily considered trying to change the tire myself, then wised up and called AAA. Good thing, coz the spare was flat, too. I’ve had the car for 8 years and never used it or even checked it which was pretty stupid. One lesson learned.

Grace comes in unexpected place, such as the waiting area at the tire store, where I met a wonderful 80-year old lady with a refreshing view of life and her place in it. I very much enjoyed spending an hour with her and heading in late seemed like less of a hassle.

My other bit of grace is my beautiful new kitty, Tessie. She was not happy to be in a moving carrier and meowed the whole hour we were on the road. Once here, though, and out of her carrier, she busily explored and ate her supper before lolling around on the carpet.

Last night she was not very happy that I had on a CPAP mask and hose because she wanted to be right on my face. She meowed a lot and I can’t say that I got solid sleep, but she was a happy interruption. Tessie seems to be settling in well and will not be happy to go to the vet on Saturday for her well-kitty checkup. I, on the other hand, will be happy to have someone clip her claws so they don’t keep snagging on everything I wear.