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Overweight in the News

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Woman in BlueI did a simple search at Google News just now on the word overweight, trying to find a particular story. Obviously the results will vary and what you see when you do the search will probably not look like what I saw. But it was disheartening and confusing.

Story 1: Study finds some overweight people live longer

Story 2: Overweight And Obesity Cause 6000 Cancers A Year In UK Women

Story 3: Living Longer: Being slightly overweight may help

Story 4: Overweight Workers Beware, Insurance May Soon Cost You More

Story 5: Hospitals Spend Millions To Accommodate Overweight Patients

Story 6: Total “overweight,” target price raised

Story 7: Children who don’t sleep enough ‘more likely to be overweight

Story 8: Forced To Be Fit: What About Kids?

Story 9: Normal Weight More Risky Than Overweight Researchers Say – Cancer

Story 10: initiated with “overweight

I’m annoyed and confused. Depending on the article I read, I’m either more or less at risk for disease because of weight. Insurance may cost me more but I may live longer. Hospitals are preparing to accommodate bigger patients (and their visiting families) – but I didn’t see any corresponding article about airlines having a clue that Americans are larger than the length of a computer keyboard.

Being morbidly obese is not okay. It’s not healthy, and it’s not something I recommend. Being slightly overweight may not be a bad thing except it could easily tip into excessive obesity with just a few temptations or personal crises. I watched the news people fall all over themselves on the story that being a little overweight may be good for you, by countering immediately with “being fat is still unhealthy.” Well duh.

Of course all of the health news is reported by thin, coiffed, well dressed and well spoken people who don’t want any of us to be fat. Somehow they do not motivate me.

I’m going to die of something. It may be weight related, it may be environmentally related, or in an accident or any number of things. I might die of old age at 96 in a nursing home having outlived my family and friends. But it will be something. I need to be reasonably healthy and am working to increase the exercise while eating better. But I wish the “experts” would just pick something and stick with it so I don’t go nuts trying to keep up.

My arthritis and joint pain are problematic and I’m royally pissed that the only medication that actually helped – Vioxx – was pulled from the market. I know people died from taking it, that there were complications for some people. But other people, including me and lots of people I know, found that it worked when other things simply didn’t. I wish I’d had the chance to sign a waiver acknowledging risk and taking it deliberately to get the pain-free trade off. My doctor would never have agreed with me or let me do it but I think I have the right to make those choices with my own body — not yours, just mine.

Instead I take something that doesn’t work particularly well, limp a lot, and find my physical activity limited by uncooperative joints. Maybe there will be another study out soon with options.

One thought on “Overweight in the News

  1. Eh, don’t worry about it. Most so-called “news stories” take conclusions out of context, report on poorly designed studies, or twist the facts to generate headlines and sell more advertising.

    Just trust your commonsense and keep on keepin’ on.

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