Quiet Weekend Bonding With my Cat

Weekend GraphicYesterday and today have been quiet days. Last weekend at this time I was deplaning in Hartford and it was hard to come back from a busy travel weekend and work a full week – especially one that involved getting Tessie.

We’ve been adjusting to each other and I find that no matter what room I’m in, she’s there with me. I’m in love with her already and it was really nice this weekend to sleep in a little bit, dawdle over the Times, and do small things.

Saturday my big outside activities were grocery shopping (stocking up with healthy things and the makings for Brunswick Stew), a pedicure, and a trip to the vet with Tessie for a well-kitty checkup. She passed and the vet told me that she was healthy and told her what a lucky kitty she is. Which, of course, she is.

Today I made a big pot of Brunswick Stew which generated lovely smells from the kitchen all day long. I managed to open one can of regular tomatoes and the other of tomatoes with green chilis so had a variation I hadn’t made before, but it was just as yummy and now I have easy dinners for the next few nights plus portion containers in the freezer.

I had a nice long talk with Our Frances today before going out to do a little shopping – one Christmas present for my parents, something for my office wall, flash drives for me, and stuff for Tessie (cat food, sisal scratching post, and of course, more toys). It was a trip to be in Petco with all of the assorted dogs – no cats, just dogs – in with their owners to visit the doggie treats bar or look at toys, etc. If I come back in a few weeks, I could have Tessie’s picture taken with Santa, though I think that would work much better for dogs than cats, so think I’ll pass on it.

Food has actually been under control today. I mostly planned my food and stuck with the plan for the most part, a real change of pace for me lately. I’ve had trouble the last few mornings with a queasy stomach taking my morning pills, even though I take them with breakfast. It’s a juggling act to get enough food to keep that from happening while not going overboard. I had a Smart Ones frozen meal for lunch, snacked on an apple and some gingersnaps, and enjoyed my hot, thick Brunswick Stew for dinner with a side salad. And a fudgsicle for dessert.

I’d rather not go back to work tomorrow. It’s Veterans Day, a day we used to get as a holiday at my old job. But having a nice relaxing weekend is a much saner way to go into a work week than rolling off a plane into the office.